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Phoenix Nirvana, a state-owned coating enterprise, meets new challenges

the development of China's coating industry in 2009 has achieved more than expected results. As of November, 2009, the total output of coatings has exceeded 8.227 million tons, an increase of 7.1% year-on-year. Under the influence of the good news of continuing the development trend in 2009 and the gradual recovery of the national economy, the paint industry market in 2010 will also be doomed to be an extraordinary year

in 2010, the promotion of major paint brands such as Nippon Paint, Dulux, China Resources paint, Metz, Bauhinia Flower, classic paint and so on was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and brand endorsement, brand advertising, brand activities and so on actively narrowed the distance with consumers. These enterprises are Guangdong private coating enterprises that entered China and developed after the reform and opening up. As an important group in the development of China's coating industry, the development pace of China's state-owned coating enterprises is slightly lagging behind. In 2009, we are pleased to see that some state-owned coating enterprises are actively carrying out reform, integrating resources, and making use of their original advantages to fight a beautiful "turnaround" in 2010

once upon a time, Shuanghu paint, northwest Yongxin paint, Baotashan paint, these famous paint brands, were the representatives of state-owned paint enterprises. However, with the reform and opening up, foreign brands attacked on a large scale, private enterprises also gradually grew, state-owned paint enterprises gradually lost their product advantages, faded out of the paint market, and the level of management and technology has not been improved in time. At a disadvantage in the paint market competition, the business performance of state-owned paint enterprises has deteriorated sharply. In the cruel market competition, state-owned coating enterprises began to reflect, re established their brand influence, and recaptured the fe0.41 coating market. In recent years, we can see that many state-owned coating enterprises have actively adjusted the product structure, complied with the market demand, and developed different types of coating products to meet the domestic coating market demand

technological innovation seeks faster development

Shaanxi Baotashan paint Co., Ltd. has successfully developed and listed high-tech products such as type II hammer paint, acrylic flash paint for tank cars, fluorescent paint for highways, reflective paint on the surface of oil storage tanks, and won the market. Among them, type II hammer paint has the advantages of fast drying, clear pattern, good layering, etc., and the sales volume in five months after its listing is equivalent to the sales volume of the whole year of 2008; The special paint for grey steel structure and xinmeijia emulsion paint have been highly praised by users for their excellent cost performance

northwest Yongxin researchers have adopted the non covalent bond of ion dipole interaction to rapidly develop high-performance new products, such as wind power coatings, powder coatings, decorative adhesives, and high-end environmental protection latex paint, which have been successfully put on the market. The company's coating product structure continues to become better and better to avoid later quality shortcomings. It is driven by high-tech products that the sales volume of civil products increased by 32% year-on-year and the sales revenue increased by 12.8% year-on-year in the case of a sharp decline in the demand for products from industrial users

the industrial paint of Wuhan Shuanghu paint ranks first in Hubei, and the automobile 3 and 3 are responsible for it: automobile paint is the only national brand in China that has independent intellectual property rights in the production of automobile paint

strengthen the marketing of coating products and seize the market

the coating industry is called "small industry big market" by insiders. In terms of use, from screws to aircraft carriers and spacecraft, it is widely used in all industries and corners. The state-owned coating enterprises abandon the old ideas, actively learn the influence mode of new coatings, explore the market, seek partners, and use their own brand advantages to promote enterprise brands and product brands and seize the market. Among them, northwest Yongxin group is more prominent. According to Huicong paint, in 2009, northwest Yongxin group showed its brand image of "Northwest Yongxin" for the first time during the prime time of CCTV-1, CCTV-2 and satellite TV of all provinces, regions and cities. Wall advertisements and other media all over the country also quickly followed up, and soon formed a three-dimensional publicity offensive. Establish a mutually beneficial and win-win strategic alliance with dealers to jointly cope with the adverse situation of the shrinking industry. At the same time, they have established a rapid response market mechanism, regularly held online video conferences with local distribution points, directly connected the front-line customer needs with the production of enterprises, and improved the ability to accurately and quickly capture end market information. Under the influence of the financial crisis, northwest Yongxin achieved good sales performance in 2009

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