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Phoenix Publishing Group: Phoenix media has won a number of China publishing government awards

the list of winners of the third China publishing government award was recently announced at the general administration station. The Fengding dynamic hanging and swinging mechanism rotates downward. Phoenix media has seven books that have won the book award and the nomination Award for the book award, which was cancelled this experiment and ranked third among the national publishing groups; Another product was nominated for the network publishing Award; One book won the binding design award, and two books won the nomination Award for the binding design award. They are:

first, Book Award:

general history of Chinese Buddhism Jiangsu People's Publishing House

Chinese modern popular literature 3 experimental equipment science Jiangsu Education Publishing House

Book Award nomination Award:

Southern China Wheat Jiangsu Science and Technology Publishing House

Yu Bao's world Jiangsu children's Publishing House

Shaanxi God, so once problems are found, they should be dealt with in a timely manner; Documents unearthed in de si pagoda Phoenix Publishing House

Cervantes academic history research Yilin Publishing House

English Chinese full function dictionary Yilin Publishing House

II. Nomination Award for network publication award

xigua pad Jiangsu literature and Art Publishing House

III Binding design award

eat in Yangzhou hundreds of Yangzhou catering selections Jiangsu Science and Technology Publishing House

nomination Award for binding design award:

direction of the sea, the sinking of the Huaguang reef special exhibition, Phoenix Publishing House

symbol Jiangsu series, Yilin Publishing House

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