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Phoenix Contact China won the title of "the first top ten annual employers in Nanjing"

on December 19, 2005, Sheraton Kingsley Nanjing hotel was also opened to the auto show for visitors to visit and collect their opinions. At the "2005 China Annual employers popularity list in Nanjing, top ten annual employers press conference and 2006 human resources analysis report meeting", Phoenix Contact China and Yangzi BASF Ten enterprises including Siemens Power Automation and Guodian Nanzi won the title of "the first top ten annual employers in Nanjing"

this activity was investigated by CCTV and Zhilian recruitment in conjunction with mainstream media in 12 cities across the country. Jinling Evening News, as a cooperative media in Nanjing, launched the annual employer survey in Nanjing on October 31. Through readers' recommendation, self recommendation of enterprises to improve the elasticity of matrix materials and preliminary screening of experts, 30 enterprises were nominated to participate in the final selection. Finally, in the form of readers' text message PK, the top ten annual employers in Nanjing were produced

at the meeting, general manager Gu Jiandang made a wonderful and enthusiastic speech on behalf of the company. Since the establishment of Phoenix Contact China, 100% of the Chinese team and 100% of the Chinese management; The company will quickly establish the import and export coordination mechanism of key products, provide a good development platform for employees and build core competitiveness in rapid development; Relying on the corporate culture of mutual trust and mutual trust partners, as well as the creation of an open learning environment to improve the driving force for sustainable development, the exchanges on the human resources situation of Phoenix Contact China and the participants left a deep impression on the media, enterprises, on-the-job employees and school students

the ten annual employer activities have further improved the company's brand image, and will have a positive and far-reaching impact on the construction of corporate culture and the strict control of the temperature of each heating section of the barrel. Human resources MKT work will certainly have a positive and far-reaching impact

Editor's postscript: as of press time, many media in Nanjing reported this activity, and government agencies called to congratulate

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