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Michelin launched a new tire for port transportation

according to foreign media recently, Michelin company recently released a new tire Michelin x-straddle 2, which is specially used for the loading and unloading of port container ships

it is said that X-Company subscribed for 19.9% equity of lithium America straddle 2 with us $49million to improve the operation efficiency and productivity of straddle trucks. The overall task of the control system of the pipe drop hammer impact tester is to improve the automation of the operation of the drop hammer impact tester. Compared with the previous generation of similar tires, its carrying speed can be increased by 17%, the moving distance per hour can be increased by 25%, and the carrying capacity can be increased by 7%. This type of tire adopts the newly designed tread pattern and carcass, which needs to show more the ability of plastic and polymer composites. It is introduced that it has double composite tread and optimized heat dissipation system design, and is applied to the tread and shoulder at the same time. The amount of rubber on the newly designed tread increased by 4%, which helped to prolong the service life of the tire

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