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Michelin released the non pneumatic tire tread using 3D printing technology

according to foreign media on June 15, Michelin recently released a visionary concept non pneumatic concept tire, which applies 3D printing technology. The whole tire uses a honeycomb structure. As the company describes, this is a form of "imitating the natural growth process of plants, minerals and even animals in nature. Electroimpact helps NASA customize a special manipulator."

due to the use of cold curing 3D printing technology, the tire tread can be designed by the owner. The owner can carry out simple operation in the car, and the machine can print the new tread on the tire in real time. The tire can send tread wear information to the car, and the car can reprint the tire according to the driving road conditions

Terry Gettys, vice president of Michelin's research and development department, pointed out that the technology is still in the early stage of research, and the durability of 3D printing tread remains to be verified. However, the full realization of this technology should not be far away

talking about the intelligent application of 22 visionary concept tires in the continued construction of the base and new projects, Gettys said that in the next two to three years, we will see this technology applied to passenger cars and light trucks. More functions will be realized in the next 10 to 20 years. He also said that as autonomous vehicle become more popular, future concept tires will be optimized to achieve higher comfort and reduce noise

Michelin said that tires will be made of various biodegradable recycled materials, which can be completely recycled after being discarded. The service life of the printed tread is equivalent to that of the vehicle

this visionary concept tire is more like an exploration of the future tire industry than a currently applicable product. Although some current technologies seem far fetched, they are still very enlightening for the future traffic conditions of the eight studies on elastic modulus and maximum experimental force

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