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Michelin officially settled in China tire city and is about to set off on August 27, 2011, China tire city held a cooperation signing ceremony with Hangzhou Lide Trading Co., Ltd., the general agent of Michelin tire, a global tire giant, in China tire city. This signing marks a solid step for LIANHANG Logistics China tire City in introducing international brands and promoting the imbalance of cars to build an aircraft carrier for tire trade and circulation

Zhou Shanghua, chairman of Zhejiang LIANHANG Logistics Co., Ltd., and Su Jun, chairman of Hangzhou Lide Trading Co., Ltd., attended the signing ceremony. President Zhou welcomed Michelin's entry. He said that LIANHANG logistics is a key service industry project in Zhejiang Province. It has an information center, a product trading area, a special freight line area, a warehousing and logistics area, and a business supporting area. It is currently the most advanced and perfect market service base. China tire city in the product trading area has been committed to introducing high-quality tire brands at home and abroad. The entry of Michelin, an internationally renowned brand with strong stability of production and experimental machines, is of positive significance to the brand popularity of China tire City, the appeal of the industry number ordinary copper belt being processed into a special-shaped copper belt with thick middle and thin sides, and the continuous improvement of investment attraction in the later stage, At the same time, he promised that China tire city and LIANHANG logistics management team would wholeheartedly support and serve Hangzhou Lide Trade Co., Ltd. finally, he hoped that both sides would work together to strengthen cooperation and achieve a win-win situation

Su Jun, chairman of Lide trade, said that Michelin has been paying close attention to the development of China tire city and maintaining close contact with the management team of tire city. He was deeply impressed by the high-quality hardware facilities in LIANHANG logistics base, the perfect logistics supporting services and the confidence in building a large circulation channel in the tire industry. The successful settlement of the base is also of great significance to the future development of Michelin. I believe that the advanced operation mode of China tire City, coupled with Michelin's market appeal, will achieve greater success

it is reported that Hangzhou Lide Trading Co., Ltd., as the general agent of Michelin in Zhejiang, has brought high-quality tires of famous brands such as Michelin, Huili, and beluga to Zhejiang Province in the past eight years. At present, the company's annual sales exceed 200million, and it is expected to reach an annual sales scale of more than 500million in 2015

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