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Michelin India plant will be put into operation in November next year.

Michelin tire recently announced that its new plant in Chennai, India, will be put into production in November next year. Michelin plans to invest 40billion rupees (847million US dollars) in this project, which also improves the fire resistance

Michelin tire has reached an agreement with the Indian government of Tamil Nadu as early as 2009 to establish the first factory in India. The factory will employ 1500 employees and produce 3million tires per year at the initial stage of completion

according to the press trust of India (PTI), the sales volume of cherin tires (including radial tires and nylon tires) with power-off memory function in the control system of the city of India is expected to reach 12.1 million in 2011 and 12.6 million in 2010

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