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Michelin Chairman: cars are not what they are today without tires

Michelin Chairman: cars are not what they are today without tires

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Guide: it is clearly called motor sports, but no car company is more involved than Michelin tire company, and the importance of tires to cars is evident. Not long ago, at the location of Michelin group's global headquarters, Claremont Ferrand, a small town in southern France, was Michelin's fourth generation successor and chairman Edward

it is clearly called car racing, but no car company is more involved than Michelin tire company. The importance of tires to cars is evident

not long ago, in the location of Michelin group's global headquarters, France showed a high TG (~ 214 ° C) in the small southern city of Clement Ferrand, Michelin's fourth generation successor and chairman Edward Michelin said proudly during the meeting, "Michelin was founded here in 1889 to avoid injury, which is the origin of the development of automobile tires. Without tires, cars would not be like today. It is the technological progress of tires that has changed the development of the whole car"

to be honest, at the Michelin Museum, I saw the world's first detachable tire, the first inflatable car tire, the first heavy truck tire, the first low-pressure tire, the first radial car tire, the first radial tire of trucks, motorcycles, and construction machinery vehicles, the first low rolling resistance fuel saving environmentally friendly tire, the first color tire, and the first F1 racing tire, In 1915, the world's first cement road was built to accurately measure the friction coefficient of plastic film, which became a necessary project for film and flexible packaging manufacturers. Michelin almost covered all the firsts in the history of tire invention in the world. Every invention in the history of tire seems to be inseparable from Michelin, and every invention of Michelin has greatly advanced the automotive industry

at present, Michelin has 125000 employees worldwide, producing 190million tires every year, accounting for 19.2% of the world tire market share. In addition, Michelin also produces rims, steel wires, maps and travel guides, with a comprehensive net sales of 15.4 billion euros. Surprisingly, Michelin is also the world's earliest and largest publisher of maps and travel guides, publishing 22.3 million maps and travel guides every year

Mr. Edward said, "scientific and technological innovation and car racing are the essence of Michelin's culture." For more than 100 years, Michelin has been committed to scientific and technological research and innovation. At present, it has four research and development centers in France, the United States, Japan and Shanghai, China. It invests 4% of its sales in research and development every year, and needs to do road tests of more than 1million kilometers

the R & D center in ladu, founded in 1965, is Michelin's largest R & D center in the world. It is picturesque, about 15 minutes' drive from the group headquarters, with a standard track 40 kilometers long and 3000 engineers. Their work includes studying materials, tire structure, tread pattern and production process, applying these technologies to the development of new tires, and testing and evaluating industrial equipment. Michelin's most famous scientific and technological invention Pax (fetal lip vertical anchoring system) in recent years was born here. When the tire is punctured and completely deflated, the vehicle can still drive 200 kilometers at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. In addition, many Michelin teams also choose to conduct pre race tests here

"Michelin attaches great importance to car racing," Edward said. "Car racing is a platform that can well reflect the performance of tires." As early as 1891, the bicycle equipped with the detachable tire pioneered by Michelin won the first tour de France bicycle race, 9 hours faster than the second player. Since then, the detachable tire has become famous all over the world and established a permanent position in vehicle manufacturing

Mr. Pascal, the curator of Michelin Museum, said, "car racing is a very expensive activity and a high return sport. Michelin participates in car racing to improve products and make the car run faster and better, not just for advertising effect like some competitors. If the racer does not win in the race, we need to find reasons to improve." They believe that car racing is the best experimental field to test tire innovation technology under extreme conditions, which can effectively stimulate the development and progress of tire technology. Car racing can also develop strategic partnership with automobile factories

Michelin has participated in all important motor sports in the world. In the F1 race, Michelin cooperated with 6 of the 10 teams. In 2003, the cooperative team of Michelin won the championship of the sub race seven times in 17 races and won the starting position eight times, accounting for 30 of the total 48 people on the stage. Michelin also provided tires for 80% of the teams in the rally, winning 16 Auto Rally Championships and 16 annual Team Championships. For five consecutive years, it has won the championship of Le Mans 24-hour endurance race and eight annual championship of American Le Mans series racers. In the past 17 years, Michelin has won all kinds of champion Michelin cooperative teams in Paris Dakar Rally. All this, Michelin is trying to prove that its tires are suitable for any road conditions. Pascal said, "there are few teams cooperating in the race, and sometimes the feedback obtained may not be caused by the tires. Analyzing the situation of only oneortwo teams may bring wrong information, which is a disaster for the company."

it is understood that a real F1 car is worth millions of dollars and weighs only 52. We have gained a lot from the ability to share our research results and obtain inspiration from other scientists through the flagship company. 0 kg, but the engine power has reached 650 HP. It takes only 2.3 seconds to increase the speed from 0 km to 100 km per hour, and only 6 seconds from 0 to 200 km. After a race, drivers have to shift gears 2500 times, with an average of once every 2 seconds. Every race weekend, a driver consumes 40 dry tires. It's not difficult to see how high the car's requirements for tyres are. Through car racing, Michelin carried out various field tests on its tires, obtained first-hand scientific research materials, and improved and improved products, so that Michelin always maintained a strong innovation vitality

In the 1980s, Michelin began to vigorously promote globalization and expand its business to other parts of the world. First, it acquired Kleber in France, and then acquired the right to use BF goorich in the United States. At present, Michelin also owns Uniroyal in the United States, RIKEN in Japan, Kormoran in Poland, siamtyre in Thailand, collantas in Colombia, taur in Hungary, and beluga for SUV. Last year, it also established a factory in Moscow. Michelin is one of the few tire companies in the world that implements multi brand strategy

Michelin entered China in 1989, and set up its first joint venture in Shenyang at the end of 1995. In 2001, it established a joint venture with Shanghai tire and rubber group company to form Shanghai Michelin Huili Tire Co., Ltd. at present, it has 4900 employees in China, has Michelin and Huili brands, and produces millions of tires respectively

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