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Michelin heavyweight launched the overall solution of bus tires

on November 12, 2014, Michelin truck tire product line launched the overall solution of Michelin bus tires in China - Michelin bus worry free travel. Michelin bus worry free travel is a new measure that includes Michelin's customized shunqixing tire series for Chinese public transport enterprises and the tire management service plan for public transport group customers. While introducing Michelin carefree bus to the market, Michelin also took this opportunity to launch its third-generation bus product, Shun Qixing 275/70r22.5xncy. As an upgraded version of bus tires, the new tires are safer, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than the previous generation. At the same time, the tire management service plan included in bus worry free travel will better help enterprises manage tires professionally and help the perfect display of tire performance. Michelin hopes to ensure the safety of bus travel to the greatest extent, protect the environment, effectively reduce costs and improve operational efficiency

Mr. luhuifeng, vice president of Michelin (China) Investment Co., Ltd., said, "how to better improve the safety of public transport operations and optimize transportation? In order to eliminate these wear marks, it is necessary to stop fine grinding and efficiency, which has become a major issue faced by major public transport enterprises across the country. Michelin continues to develop new upgraded products and timely launch new tire management solutions for group customers, so as to fully meet the needs of national public transport enterprises."

as an active advocate of overall tire solutions, Michelin knows that excellent products are the top priority of all solutions. Michelin has been cooperating with Chinese public transport enterprises for 10 years. In the past 10 years, Michelin's reputation in wear resistance of public transport tires is obvious to all. At the same time, Michelin has tested 1.2 million tires of public transportation in China. It is found that the most frequent problems of bus tires in China are eccentric wear, toe cracking, carcass oxidation and foreign body stabbing. In the face of this series of problems, Michelin has constantly updated its bus products. This time, the newly launched third-generation bus product xincity shunqixing tire has responded to these problems through multiple measures, such as the world's leading technology, enhanced toe design, enhanced carcass life, improved retreadability, tire antioxidant formula, and enhanced carcass strength, to help bus customers improve operational efficiency

the new product launched this time has multiple processes to deal with the problem of eccentric wear. Through the optimized 3D (double wave) tread pattern design, it can effectively prevent irregular wear. The world's leading 24 block mold process improves the uniformity of products and endows them with excellent dynamic balance performance

the new products also effectively deal with the problem of toe opening cracking by strengthening the toe opening design, and give the carcass stronger refurbishment. The toe of the new product uses a high-strength fiber protective layer. In the production process, once the surface of toe steel wire is stained with water, oil and other sundries, the tire may cause fatal damage such as bulge or delamination during use. Therefore, the production process of toe steel wire of this new product is completed by intelligent robot. No one is allowed to touch it with hands and other non tooling objects, so as to prevent toe cracking and other problems caused by oil pollution and other foreign matters. While enhancing the durability of the carcass and toe mouth, 4. Adhering to the advanced, sticking to the right path, and rectifying the world, the renovation rate of the carcass has also been improved

the antioxidant in the new tire formula is doubled, which can effectively deal with the oxidation of the carcass, and can effectively prevent the cracking and aging of the carcass rubber caused by environmental factors such as UV and ozone during long-term use. The service life of the tire body has been improved, and the retreadability of the tire has been improved at the same time

in addition, the more compact crown steel belt layer is arranged to make the tire more impact resistant and durable

in the public transport industry, Michelin has always been the combination mode of new tires and retreaded tires. The reinforced carcass and toe mouth design of its running tires have greatly enhanced the retreadability rate of this product and further helped enterprises reduce operating costs

on the whole, the rolling resistance of Michelin 275/70r22.5xincity is 4% lower than that of the previous generation product xzu3 Elastic deformation: 12% lower after removing the load, which can bring% fuel saving and more environmental protection. This new product has been on sale nationwide since November this year

as part of the overall tire solution, in addition to the core tire products, Michelin will also provide customized group tire management services for national bus customers, including bus technical consultants, tire maintenance, daily operation trusteeship, tire renewal, etc. Facing the customers of the bus group, Michelin's special resident technicians will recommend appropriate tires according to the use of the bus, repair and maintain the tires, measure the pressure and pattern depth of the tires with digital methods, record the whole life track of each tire in the cloud system, and carry out repair, grooving, refurbishment and other services according to the use of the tires. At the same time, Michelin has also trained bus enterprises in professional tire knowledge to make them manage bus tires more scientifically

take Beijing No.9 bus factory as an example, since October 2012, Michelin has provided 2376 first-class maintenance vehicles; 571 secondary maintenance vehicles; 580 vehicle times of three maintenance; It has achieved zero tire burst rate for bus of No. 9 factory, and the accuracy of tire pressure in the car has reached more than 95%, which has successfully helped it improve its operation efficiency. In April this year, after 10 years of cooperation, Michelin renewed its five-year strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing public transport

with the continuous progress of urban development, the public has an increasing demand for universal service of public transport. Although the company is not directly facing consumers and customers, it is urgent to actively improve the operation efficiency. As a world leader in tire technology, Michelin firmly believes that in the face of China's public transport market, the combination of excellent products and a complete set of solutions is the way to success

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