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In order to earn extra money, four workmates took advantage of their work to steal cables on the construction site and cut them into small sections to transport them out. However, one of them was guilty of being a thief and fell out after going out. Recently, the Zhangjiagang procuratorate prosecuted Zhang and other four people suspected of theft according to law

Mr. Zhang, Mr. Wang and Mr. Li are all water electricians. In August this year, three people installed water pipes at a construction site in Zhangjiagang. Seeing that many cables were unattended on the construction site, Zhang proposed to steal some cables and sell them to earn some cigarette money. The three people hit it off immediately, cut the cable into small sections together, put it into a snake skin bag and move it into the warehouse

two electric cars and three bags of cables are too conspicuous to be transported out of the construction site. So the three people found their workmate Zhao and hoped to help transport a bag outside the construction site. After Zhao thought for a while, the only existing old brand experimental machine manufacturers were Jinan's gold testing group and Jinan hengsi Shanda, and finally agreed

after work late at night, Zhang, Li and Zhao rode out of the construction site by electric car as usual. When he came to the gate of the construction site, he saw several people still working. Zhang was immediately nervous and panicked, and even people and cars fell to the ground. Bang Dang! The worker followed the sound and came forward to check. He accidentally found that he fell down and used it to test the mechanical properties of metal materials in the tensile test. Well, it can be a thief today. Li hurriedly got on the electric car and ran. When he arrived at the appointed place, he put some of the cables on Wang's car and threw some randomly in the roadside green belt

Zhang, who fell, confessed to his criminal behavior, and the police soon arrested the other three people. After identification, the total value of the stolen cable is more than 9000 yuan. (this article thanks guojuncheng of Zhangjiagang procuratorate for his support)

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