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John Deere 2016 value storm experience tour landing on the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau

John Deere 2016 value storm experience tour landing on the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau

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witness the quality of Deere with southwest users

on September 12, the Yunnan Station of John Deere 2016 value storm experience tour was grandly held in Pu'er, an important town in Southwest China; On September 26, Deere value storm experience tour landed in Guiyang. During this experience trip, John Deere brought three new excavators equipped with standard tracks, E210, E240 and E360, as well as wl53 loaders, to Yungui users. At the same time, Deere carefully prepared multiple experience links such as product display, professional explanation and actual operation for users

(users of construction machinery are interested in learning about Deere products)

for many years, John Deere has been working hard in the Chinese market and is committed to providing Chinese users with the best quality products and services. At the same time, John Deere, a world top 500 enterprise with a history of 100 years, has also brought the excellent corporate culture and the brand management concept of "taking user value as the center" to Chinese users at the same time

this time, several products brought by John Deere's 2016 value experience trip are closer to the use needs of users in the Yunnan Guizhou market in terms of the applicability of the working environment. The newly upgraded excavator products are mainly standard crawlers, which have the advantage of more flexible transition, which not only reduces the use cost of the machinery, but also ensures the durability of the machinery on rocky ground. In particular, the construction environment of the Stony Mountain Road in the southwest region has made its more flexible and faster transition a reality, and its adaptability to the stony ground has also been greatly improved. At the same time, the use cost of the crawler is relatively low, which not only realizes the low consumption work operation, but also brings the maximum use value of the machine to the users

as we all know, reliable power support is the key to the stable operation of construction machinery. John Deere's excavators are equipped with John Deere's power system that independently researches the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry and continuously improves its production. At the same time, it shares some of the utilization and possible development trends of plastics in the field of shared bicycles. The power system has been tested for a long time, is safe, reliable, durable, and can fully meet the needs of high-intensity engineering operations. In addition, the positive flow hydraulic system with accurate control has an intelligent adaptation mode under all working conditions, and the aviation grade solid-state electronic circuit ensures the durability, applicability and intelligence of the machinery. These performance advantages make John Deere excavator a right-hand assistant for working under harsh conditions

John Deere's products have also been improved in terms of comfort and the convenience of operating these changes. In a quiet and spacious anti roll and anti falling object cab, the driver's field of vision is more open, and the replaceable paper roll is fixed well. The information rich LCD display and intelligent fault diagnosis technology provide a safer and convenient use platform, and the sealed switch module with keyless start also makes the operation easier and more reliable

the series of efforts made by John Deere, including realizing high production capacity and low operating cost of machinery, allowing users to get better financial support, and establishing closer ties with agents, are all aimed at making Chinese users feel that John Deere is willing to grow and move forward side by side with Chinese construction machinery users. The 2016 value storm experience is to enable more domestic users to personally feel John Deere's determination to deeply cultivate the Chinese market, and it is also another important practice of John Deere in the Yunnan Guizhou market

(construction machinery users personally experience the Seiko quality of John Deere)

this time, the smooth implementation of the 2016 value storm experience tour of John Deere Yunnan Station and Guizhou station has not only made John Deere users experience John Deere's new products more closely, but also made more southwest market users feel John Deere's advanced technology and considerate service. It is reported that this John Deere value storm experience tour will successively land in Xi'an, Weifang, Zhengzhou, Sichuan and other places, which will bring Deere value storm to local construction machinery users

it is believed that with the successful experience of this 2016 value storm experience, more users will be able to experience the advanced technology and considerate service brought by John Deere from a zero distance in the future, so as to further deepen Chinese users' understanding of John Deere's products and services

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