The hottest John Deere held 7080 silage harvester

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John Deere held 7080 silage harvester training in Harbin

John Deere held 7080 silage harvester training in Harbin

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from August 4 to 7, 2014, Deere company held John Deere 7080 series silage training in Erlongshan farm of Bei'an branch. John Deere dealer Harbin Power Science and Trade Co., Ltd. assisted in the whole process, and sent all service personnel to participate. During the training, the trainers were fully prepared and the content was extensive and in-depth, and the trainees were impressed with the great harvest

this training is aimed at the technical training of maintenance service personnel, and the purpose is to enable students to master excellent maintenance technology through training. There should be no slippage. The training content goes from simple to deep, from the small details that need to be paid attention to in daily maintenance to the internal structure of ivloc gearbox. The lecturer of Deere company explained the electrical system, hydraulic system, material flow, etc. of the whole vehicle in detail, and gave common failure cases, so that the students could analyze the causes of the failure according to the working principle, so that the students could understand the function, position, principle, etc. of each component of the equipment

this training not only attaches importance to theoretical study, but also attaches importance to practical operation. John Deere's team specially prepared a prototype at the training site, combining indoor explanations with outdoor practical exercises. Every student has the opportunity to practice. The lecturer explains patiently and carefully, and the students actively participate in the practice, so that the students have a thorough understanding of the principle and a deep memory of the details

under the careful preparation of John Deere trainer, the training rhythm is very compact and the content is very rich. Through the training, the students learned about products, learned knowledge, improved skills, and completed different experiments and enriched experience

power technology and trade will continue to cooperate sincerely with Deere company to serve the majority of John Deere users with more solid technology and fuller thermal progress task effectiveness

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