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John Deere autotrac automatic navigation helps you enter intelligent agriculture

John Deere autotrac automatic navigation helps you enter intelligent agriculture

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in recent years, with the rapid popularization of Agricultural Mechanization in China, John Deere's representative work of Intelligent Agriculture: autotrac automatic navigation system is also more supported and recognized by Chinese users. With the significant advantages of higher integration with John Deere tractor, more stable RTK signal, better versatility, stronger reliability, wide applicability and convenient disassembly and assembly, autotrac automatic navigation system has quickly become the best choice for farmers, cooperatives and other users

atu is a general-purpose automatic navigation system, which is mainly used for 6B and 6J Series tractors at present.

autotrac is an entry-level product of John Deere precision agriculture. Autotrac automatic navigation products launched in China include ATU, at, while copper, gold and silver can realize automatic alignment due to the expansion of production capacity. The above products can use signals with different accuracy levels. The accuracy of SF1 signal is cm. The SF3 signal used by the new Starfire 6000 receiver is refined to determine the degree of industrial energy-saving supervision and management measures to be plus or minus 3 cm, while using RTK base station, it can reach plus or minus 2.5 cm

atu is a general-purpose automatic navigation system driven by motor. At present, it is mainly used on 6B and 6J Series tractors. 2 The jaw is of poor quality, easy to install and versatile. It only takes 30 minutes to transfer from one machine to another

ati has reserved fast interfaces for advanced models such as integrated automatic navigation system, 7m, 8R tractors, S-Series harvesters, 8000 silage machines

ati is an integrated automatic navigation system, which adopts hydraulic drive. 7m tractors, 8R tractors, S-Series harvesters, 8000 Series silage machines and other advanced models have reserved fast interfaces, which can realize plug and play, which is more convenient and fast. And better steering control can be achieved

one of the components of autotrac automatic navigation system - the new Starfire 6000 receiver launched in 2017 has more significant advantages:

SF3 signal with an accuracy of 3 cm is adopted

sf3 signal has repeatability within one year

signal collection time is less than 30 minutes

signal search ability after crossing the covered area

multi satellite tracking, Ensuring the stability of the signal

usb fast programming takes only 3 minutes

autotrac automatic navigation system can accurately control the steering of the machine under almost any land conditions. It is mainly used for ridging, sowing, harvesting and other operations, has the effect of walking in a straight line, and can fully optimize the efficiency of the machine, reduce operator fatigue, greatly extend the operation time of the driver and improve the workload

autotrac automatic navigation can optimize the investment in agricultural production, greatly reduce the overlap of agricultural machines and tools to the double line, save time, fuel, seeds, fertilizers and other agricultural production costs, improve the work efficiency of land preparation, sowing, harvesting machines and tools, and help users maximize the benefits of mechanical investment and design in addition to requiring a certain accuracy

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