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JLG 800aj stationed in Henan airport to escort to the sky

JLG 800aj stationed in Henan airport to escort to the sky

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recently, the world's leading aerial work platform and telescopic boom fork loading manufacturer JLG (jieerjie)'s curved arm aerial work platform 800aj was delivered to Henan airport group by Zhengzhou Rongyi mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. to assist the airport maintenance project. This delivery has achieved a "zero" breakthrough in the holdings of high-altitude equipment in the maintenance Engineering Department of Henan airport group, indicating that JLG has met the needs of high-altitude operations in airport maintenance applications with diversified products and localized technical support, and further promoted the application of high-altitude work platforms in China's aviation field

as the second phase project of Zhengzhou airport, after the T2 terminal of Henan airport group is put into operation, a number of domestic and foreign routes will be opened, and the annual passenger throughput will reach 42million. The opening of international routes and the stopover of Airbus A380 and other large passenger aircraft have put forward higher requirements for the work of maintenance engineering. Maintenance engineers must easily and quickly reach any part outside any model for maintenance

obviously, the traditional way of using the work bar of the deicing car to send the maintenance personnel to the corresponding height for maintenance in the past has been unable to meet the needs of the maintenance of the new airport. Now, by introducing the JLG high-altitude operation equipment 800aj, the potential safety hazard of using the unstable work bar of the deicing truck is completely eliminated, and the maintenance personnel can be brought to the corresponding height and position of the aircraft for maintenance more flexibly and quickly, so as to improve the efficiency and safety factor of the maintenance work

the JLG 800aj delivered this time is a typical representative of the JLG 800 series. The 800 series has the best operation range in the industry - the operation height is 24.38 meters, the maximum spanning height is 9.75 meters, and the horizontal extension is 15.54 meters. JLG's unique quikstik function and aviation anti-collision components can decide whether to enter the transistor switching power amplifier so that the staff can safely and quickly reach the outer surface of any type of aircraft to carry out maintenance work

jlg has always been in a leading position in the aerial work platform market, not only because of the outstanding performance of JLG products, but also because of its perfect after-sales service. After the delivery of 800aj, JLG engineers visited Henan airport in person and conducted a two-day training for operators. The training not only includes the explanation of theoretical knowledge related to the fact that the products do not contain impurities that promote the accelerated decomposition of resin. The engineer also led the operators to the machine for practical operation by hand, helping the maintenance personnel get familiar with the equipment quickly, so as to maximize the function of 800aj. At the same time, the engineer helped the equipment maintenance personnel of the maintenance engineering office to configure the 800aj and shared the troubleshooting methods of simple faults. Through practical operation, customers have highly appraised the superior performance and performance of JLG equipment in work. "The use of JLG aerial work platform has improved our aerial work environment. 5. The building structure has reduced the incidence of danger and ensured the safety of our maintenance personnel." Wang Gong, maintenance engineer of the maintenance engineering department, said

the delivery of JLG 800aj is the first cooperation between Zhengzhou Rongyi mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. and Henan airport group in the field of aerial work platform. Mr. Dang Li, general manager of Zhengzhou Rongyi mechanical equipment Co., Ltd., said frankly, "under the same conditions, due to the superior product performance and performance of JLG, our customers were deeply moved, which led to our cooperation with Henan airport group."

the 800aj delivered to Henan airport this time "we are very happy to cooperate with Rongyi machinery to jointly provide a solid foundation for the construction and maintenance of domestic civil aviation facilities." Wu Xiaolu, JLG Asia Marketing Director, stressed that, "JLG's leading products, professional solutions and high-quality services have formed differentiated competitiveness in the fierce high-altitude equipment industry, ensuring JLG's leading position in the high-altitude operation industry. We also hope to make more innovative technical products and solutions for the application of high-altitude operation platforms in domestic infrastructure in the future, and make more contributions to China's infrastructure."

this time, Henan airport group introduced JLG aerial work platform for the first time, which is one of the achievements of the joint cooperation between JLG and Rongyi machinery. In the future, JLG will further deepen cooperation with partners, build an aerial work platform close to the application according to the needs of the local market and customers, constantly upgrade and optimize after-sales service, and help customers calmly cope with the harsh aerial work environment

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