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JLG (jieerjie) released the fourth quarter financial report, which still continued the growth trend

JLG (jieerjie) released the fourth quarter financial report, which still continued the growth trend

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under the favorable recovery of the global aerial work equipment market, JLG (jieerjie), the world's leading manufacturer of high-altitude working equipment that needs to implement the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator, although last year was the fiscal year of a large number of replacement products of plastic machines in Thailand, it should be noted that in the calculation of elongation, the fourth quarter (fiscal year 2014 began in October last year) continued the good growth trend since this year, and the sales continued to maintain a double-digit growth, reaching US $930 million, with a year-on-year increase of 3 If the local conditions permit, it is strongly recommended to add a regulated power supply with a length of 19.5%

at the same time, jlg2014 fiscal year annual reports have also been released. The annual report shows that the annual net sales of JLG in fiscal 2014 reached US $3.51 billion, an increase of 12.4% year-on-year. Good performance also made JLG the most eye-catching Department of haoshike group in 2014

Charles szews, CEO of haoshike group, the parent company of jet, said: "We began to implement the move strategy in 2012, shifting the focus to the high-altitude operation Department and the commercial department, and firmly implemented it. Up to now, it has been proved that the successful implementation of the move strategy has brought us great benefits. Throughout the fiscal year 2014, the high-altitude operation Department and the commercial department took the lead, and the revenue profit margin of the high-altitude operation Department exceeded last year's record, increasing by nearly 200 basis points, which is an impressive year."

looking forward to the coming fiscal year 2015, haoshike group announced that it would set the earnings per share in fiscal year 2015 at $4 to $4.25, Mr. szews added: "this is the goal we set in 2012. With strict cost control, strong product innovation and reasonable resource allocation, we have overcome the difficulties of slow market recovery in the early stage. We hope that in the next year, our team can continue to move forward on this basis and work towards our profit goal."

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