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John Deere construction machinery creates a user value community

John Deere construction machinery improves the professional and technical talent team to build a user value community

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since 2015, China's construction machinery industry has set off a "John Deere whirlwind" that has impressed industry insiders, The 2015 value storm experience of John Deere with the theme of "Deere quality · building with you" has swept across China since Chengdu. As the sword pointed out, it is invincible. This galloping deer from North America not only brings excellent product quality and leading technological innovation to Chinese users, but also its dedicated and sincere service concept and spirit with distinctive Deere characteristics have made the majority of users feel refreshed. Industry insiders pointed out that the popular John Deere value storm in China will open a new service era for China's construction machinery industry, which has entered the new normal of development

the new normal of the industry is looking forward to serving the new kingcraft

the construction machinery industry, as the foundation of national economic development, is one of the strategic industries that the country strives to build. The thickness of the arbitration sample is 3mm, which is also an important guarantee for the industrial upgrading and technological progress of various industries, and plays an increasingly important role in boosting China's transformation and upgrading. With the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, major strategic plans such as the "the Belt and Road", "Yangtze River Economic Belt" and "Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration" are about to be implemented, which will create a huge investment demand led by engineering equipment. However, on the other hand, since 2013, China's construction machinery market has entered the new normal of development. The extensive mode supported by scale and speed has become unsustainable. The intensive development with quality and efficiency as the connotation has become a realistic choice for construction machinery enterprises. From soaring to intensive cultivation, the brand competition of construction machinery will evolve into a cost-effective war to maximize its competitive advantage, And service will become the tipping point of the new round of King's war

after years of sustained and rapid development, the service of construction machinery enterprises is no longer a simple product pre-sales consultation and after-sales maintenance, but a comprehensive and perfect service that enterprises can provide customers in the life cycle of products, which is the sign of the gradual maturity of the construction machinery industry. The "plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry" once issued by the State Council clearly stated that we should develop the modern manufacturing service industry, that is, we should accelerate the service-oriented of the equipment manufacturing industry and drive the development of the equipment manufacturing industry with service-oriented. As an important part of China's equipment manufacturing industry, the construction machinery industry should also be in the forefront of service-oriented

as a new leader of China's construction machinery, John Deere keenly recognized that the tide of service-oriented construction machinery has been unstoppable, that is, the traditional construction machinery must extend to service value-added, no longer a single product provider, but an integrated service provider. "User first, service-oriented" has become the collective consensus and daily cultivation of John Deere. Adhering to the manufacturing concept of "people-oriented" and the pursuit of high quality of construction machinery and equipment, John Deere fully integrates the voice of customers into the process design when producing machines, and is committed to providing efficient and reliable engineering machinery products for Chinese users. Based on the innovative solutions to meet the needs of Chinese customers and the dealer strategy of providing product life cycle support, John Deere has established a leading position in the Chinese Excavator and loader market

form a value community with users and occupy the commanding height of the new normal competition

think for customers and save money for customers - this is John Deere's most simple understanding of users. In John Deere's eyes, products are services and services are products. The two are actually one. John Deere integrates the concept of user first into the whole series of excavator products, taking e240lc excavator as an example, This model is powered by the reliable and durable John Deere Powertech engine. The maintenance interval between the engine and hydraulic oil is long, which increases the operation time and reduces the daily operation cost; The sealed switch module allows keyless start, and it is safer to enter the password manually; As for the hydraulic system, the positive flow system with medium long-distance connection is selected, and four hydraulic power modes can be selected to balance productivity and fuel consumption; When the engine temperature is high, the computer will delay flameout and idle for a period of time to maximize the service life of parts. " John Deere also provides a one-year unlimited standard warranty for the whole machine, three-year or 6000 hour extended warranty for the engine and hydraulic system, and three-year or 10000 hour extended warranty for structural parts, which truly makes customers feel at ease and easy to create wealth

in addition to the industry-leading and popular extended warranty policy, John Deere has also established a professional dealer service team, and all service personnel must pass the strict certification of John Deere training department. This is a group of dedicated and hardworking teams. They are the spokesmen of John Deere's spirit. Wherever they go, they will bring the boundless sincerity of the galloping deer. It is their professionalism and dedication that makes John Deere gain an excellent reputation recognized in the industry

in order to make more Chinese customers more convenient to enjoy the real economic benefits brought by Deere products, John Deere has established a special financial leasing company, and customers can enjoy a minimum 10% down payment and an annual financing rate as low as 3.99%. Thus, the purchase threshold is greatly reduced, so that more customers have no risk of funds, gallop and enjoy the harvest on the road of wealth creation

the golden cup and silver cup are not as good as the reputation of users. The real evaluation of users is undoubtedly the best portrayal of John Deere's whole process service. Mr. Li, the owner of wl56, said that although John Deere's construction machinery products have not entered China for a long time, they are durable, fuel-efficient, and have an ultra long warranty period. He was particularly confident when buying John Deere loaders

the user of John Deere is captain Tan of an excavator team of a company in Liaoning. His evaluation of John Deere blurted out: efficient and reliable, high-quality and fuel-efficient, first-class service. Captain Tan has been engaged in the excavator industry for more than 20 years. The company has 19 excavators of other brands, including one John Deere excavator. Captain Tan commented on John Deere excavator with more than 20 years of management and driving experience. E300 excavator has obvious performance advantages and fast working speed, especially in fuel saving. Captain Tan once led the machine operators to do such an experiment. Under the same working conditions, other brands of excavators consume 50 liters of oil per hour, while Deere excavators consume only more than 30 liters of oil. In the process of contacting the after-sales service engineer of the agent, Captain Tan was full of praise for Deere's after-sales service. The personnel technology was also very excellent, and he was on call. In his eyes, John Deere was the real user's home

as one of the oldest industrial companies in the United States and one of the first foreign-funded enterprises to enter the Chinese market since the reform and development, John Deere has an advanced product research and development center, a huge domestic procurement network, sales and after-sales service network, as well as convenient parts support and equipment financing services, which have become the most reliable and powerful guarantee for John Deere to enter the field of construction machinery in China. John Deere, who took the lead in igniting the value storm in the industry, is taking advantage of the momentum to form a value community and development community with users driven by the rapid development of products and services in China's industry, leading the new service era of the construction machinery industry and seizing the commanding height of the new normal competition in the industry

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