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John Deere company launches standard crawler E360 excavator in China

John Deere company launches standard crawler E360 excavator in China

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Beijing, China (April 15, 2016) - John Deere company of the United States announced the launch of standard crawler E360 excavator in China. This excavator represents the 30 ton standard crawler products launched by John Deere in China after the 20 ton standard crawler E210 and E240 products, which fully meet the different needs of customers for products under different working conditions

e360 excavator

John Deere excavator is developed and designed by John Deere company of the United States. Its production base is located in Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, with advanced assembly production lines. All machine parts fully meet the strict quality standards of John Deere, and will receive the full support of John Deere dealers

"After the successful launch of the extended Track excavator, John Deere continues to be committed to providing customers with efficient and reliable construction machinery products. We further launched the standard Track excavator, enriching the production line of excavator products. The good feedback of the extended Track excavator in the Chinese market has become a successful example. We believe that the launch of the standard track series excavator will better serve the Chinese market, Fulfill our consistent commitment to Chinese users, "said Lang Yun, general manager of sales and marketing in China of new Dow, the construction and forestry equipment department of John Deere, with a revenue of US $44.8 billion in 2017 and the light quality of the material."

e360 standard crawler excavator is also equipped with John Deere Powertech ™ The engine meets the three-stage emission standard of China, and adopts the hydraulic system power optimization and matching control technology, so that its hydraulic system can be organically combined with the engine power system, so as to improve work efficiency, reduce energy consumption and improve handling performance. In addition, the machine has four power modes and three working modes. The driver can choose different working modes according to different working conditions, which can achieve a perfect balance between energy consumption and work efficiency

the standard crawler excavator, like the extended crawler excavator, fully demonstrates the mature technology of John Deere company. It has reliable and durable structural parts, hydraulic system, electrical system, and chassis related components, and adopts wet engine cylinder liner, efficient cooling system, which has the characteristics of long maintenance cycle, thus further enhancing the durability of the machine

the spacious and comfortable cab has a wide view, and adopts a sealed pressurized design to reduce noise. Its multi-directional adjustable seat and automatic temperature control system increase the comfort and work efficiency of drivers. The solid integrated cab has passed the first-class test requirements of anti rollover and anti falling objects. In addition, it is also equipped with a detailed intelligent fault diagnosis system, which can provide real-time monitoring and detection to minimize downtime

centralized maintenance points are easy to carry out various daily maintenance work such as oil level inspection, oil addition and grease filling. On the monitor, they imagined that they would use it in the fields of aerospace structure detection, combustion supporting agent, anti ice and conductivity to set maintenance tips and daily maintenance intervals of filter elements and oil products. In addition, the oil and fuel filter elements installed remotely enable the operators to carry out daily maintenance operations on the ground. It is very simple and easy to change the oil and filter elements routinely

"domestic customers have randomly sampled the inventory of each product and experienced the advantages of John Deere products in improving work efficiency, prolonging operation time and reducing operating costs," said liuqingfeng, product marketing manager of the construction and Forestry Department of John Deere company, "The E360 standard crawler excavator launched this time gives customers more choices. For example, in Quarrying and some mining environments, the standard crawler can be more flexible for transfer operations, better adapt to uneven ground, and reduce the cost of crawler wear. We are very looking forward to the new product to bring users a more perfect experience."

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