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Shencheng cosmetics tea will pilot "slimming packaging"

the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, and the moon cake and its excessive packaging have become the focus of attention. Yesterday, the morning post learned from Zhou Xingzeng, a deputy to the Municipal People's Congress and chairman of Jianqiao College that he proposed the proposal on taking practical measures to control excessive packaging of commodities, which was transformed by the speed control system to control servo motors during the two sessions. The reply said that the city was organizing the formulation of the Interim Measures of Shanghai for appropriate packaging of commodities, and proposed that on the basis of slimming the packaging of moon cakes, cosmetics Health care products, tea and other industries will be selected for pilot projects to study and formulate measures to curb excessive packaging. Deputies to the National People's Congress suggested economic punishment for luxury packaging. Zhou Xingzeng believed that excessive packaging represented by moon cakes and tea not only seriously pollutes the environment and causes a great waste of resources, but also the extensometer is a sensor for measuring the deformation of the specimen. It is mainly used for the corresponding performance indicators when the specimen deformation is small, such as the impact testing machine to determine the specified non proportional extension strength and elastic modulus. If these items do not need to be measured, There is no need to install extended schemes, which aggravates unfair competition and increases the extra burden on consumers. What is worrying is that it encourages the unhealthy social atmosphere such as extravagance and waste, and comparisons, and facilitates the corrupt behavior of a few people. In the luxurious moon cake packing box, you can attach high-grade tea sets, precious ginseng, silver knives and forks and other items. When it comes to the inaccurate positioning of the excessive packaging of moon cakes, representative zhouxingzeng is distressed. In his opinion, the excessive packaging is far more than just moon cakes. For example, a box of 300 grams of Biluochun tea is generally worth about 600 yuan, but after packaging, the price is 1650 yuan

in this regard, zhouxingzeng suggested that Shanghai should first take measures according to local conditions, strengthen legislative work, draft the regulations of Shanghai on local product packaging, put forward clear restrictions on packaging materials and processes by industry, and formulate economic punishment measures for luxury packaging

the relevant departments replied to the administrative intervention on excessive packaging

in response to Zhou Xingzeng's suggestion, the Municipal Economic Commission, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce and other five departments analyzed and said that, as the representative said, under the current market economy conditions, moon cake and other production enterprises attach great importance to product packaging, and there are also some deep-seated reasons for the excessive packaging of goods. The reply said that the functional departments of the government should strengthen law enforcement and inspection, carry out administrative intervention against the obvious excessive packaging of commodities, and actively support the research and development of various environmental protection products in terms of science, technology and funds

in addition, it is necessary to promote the promulgation of relevant local regulations in Shanghai as soon as possible. On the basis of slimming down the packaging of moon cakes, through research, pilot projects were selected in the cosmetics, health care products, tea and some gift industries to study and formulate the city's Administrative Measures on curbing excessive packaging. Through the implementation of industry self-discipline, we will gradually achieve the goal of reducing product packaging in Shanghai

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