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Shengxi machinery: greater determination to run it well

in order to meet the needs of social products and environmental protection

opening column: as an outstanding group among Zhejiang merchants, Tongshang played an important role in the development history of China's private enterprises, and emerged influential entrepreneurs in the country and even the world. Tongxiang prospers when Tongshang prospers, and Tongxiang prospers when Tongshang is strong. The development of Tongxiang yesterday, today and tomorrow is inseparable from the outstanding contributions of private enterprises and private entrepreneurs who disconnect the software system controlling equipment from equipment. From today on, this newspaper has opened a series of reports on "taking heart, seeking development and striving to be a trendsetter". By telling the development story of private enterprises in Tongxiang, listening to the voice of entrepreneurs, this newspaper shows readers the vitality of Tongxiang's private economic development

[business card]

Zhejiang Shengxi Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Fengming Street Industrial Park, Tongxiang City. Its predecessor is Shanghai Shengxi Precision Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., which is a national high-tech enterprise. The company has a number of invention and utility model patents. The company's products involve wheel hub bearing assembly line, automatic sorting and detection of high-precision auto parts, high-precision CNC grinding machine and high-precision parts processing equipment. Relying on the surrounding huge market, the company has formed certain industrial advantages in the Yangtze River Delta region. Its main customers include SKF, Wanxiang Group, Harbin Bearing Group and other multinational companies and listed enterprises

[development story]

having seen the sincerity and taken the "reassurance"

every inch of land is worth an inch of money, the living and production costs in Shanghai have increased year by year, and more and more enterprises are unwilling to put their production base in Shanghai. Shanghai Shengxi Precision Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shengxi machinery") is also one of them. At the beginning of last year, zhujiangliang, the person in charge of the enterprise, came up with the idea of looking for another "golden land" around Shanghai

zhujiangliang said that his friends and customers have devoted themselves to finding many suitable places for him. "There are many recommendations in the surrounding areas of Shanghai, such as Jiaxing, Anhui and Jiangsu. I have also visited many places in person, but I chose Fengming street in Tongxiang for various reasons." Zhujiangliang said that Zhejiang Tongqing Automobile Bearing Co., Ltd., one of the company's customers, settled in Fengming street the previous year. Panlifeng, the person in charge of the enterprise who usually has a good relationship with Zhu Jiangliang, strongly recommended Fengming street to him through his own personal experience. "Mr. Zhu, you really want to come to Fengming street to have a look. This is very suitable for the development of your enterprise." With the repeated recommendation of panlifeng, zhujiangliang's popularity with Fengming street has soared

after learning that Shengxi machinery had a preliminary intention to Fengming street, Jiangfan, Secretary of the Party committee of Fengming street, personally led a team to take the initiative to go to Shanghai to connect the project. At the first time, he went into the enterprise to understand the development of the enterprise in detail and listened carefully to zhujiangliang's wishes and demands

one morning in early March, zhujiangliang came to Fengming street for a field visit. "We are very satisfied with the environment and have reached a preliminary investment intention. However, the enterprise plans to relocate recently and urgently needs a temporary plant covering an area of 2000 square meters, which reflects the situation to the street." To zhujiangliang's surprise, Fengming Street helped find a suitable site for the project that afternoon, "This is a great help to our company. For our enterprise, the early production means that we can occupy a place in the fierce market competition one day earlier. This makes me see the greatest sincerity of the street and the working ability of the staff. I have taken the 'reassurance pill' and must praise the efficient service of Fengming street!"

"people are looking for him for thousands of times. When they look back, the man is in the dim light." The connection between Shengxi machinery and Fengming street is quite poetic. After feeling the sincerity of Fengming street, zhujiangliang said firmly, "our next factory is in Fengming street!" It is reported that the whole project took less than a month to sign and settle down

Shengxi Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in R & D and production of inspection and testing equipment for auto parts bearings. "Our instrument and testing equipment can be comparable to imported equipment. Domestic enterprises in the same field are very positive about the bearings detected by our equipment. At present, the plant located in Fengming Street Industrial Park is under construction in full swing and is expected to be officially put into use in one and a half years." Zhujiangliang introduced that although the project is still under construction as a professional manufacturer in the field of material testing in China, Jinan new period assay instrument Co., Ltd. has already settled in the temporary plant thanks to the support of Fengming street. In June last year, the enterprise was officially put into production. After more than a year of development, the output value increased by 25% compared with the previous year. It is expected that the output value will reach 100million yuan in twoorthree years

high tech enterprises need high-tech talents and effectively reduce the problem of profile collision in the process of operation. Shengxi machinery has also made great efforts in recruiting workers. When Shengxi machinery settled in Fengming street, they also brought 10 technical talents from Shanghai here. At that time, new problems appeared in front of zhujiangliang. "People are coming? How can we keep them?" With this problem, he found the staff of Fengming street again and revealed his difficulties. "You can rest assured that you can bring the people and we will help you find the house. As long as you feel at ease to develop your business here."

as the staff said, it was not long before they found a residential building close to the temporary plant of Shengxi machinery to solve Zhu Jiangliang's urgent need. "The employees in Shanghai have stayed. Now there are more and more employees in Tongxiang, and our roots in Tongxiang have become deeper and deeper." Now, looking at the growing enterprises, zhujiangliang looks happy

[voice of the enterprise]

we have stronger confidence in running an enterprise and greater determination to run it well.

"we have seen the sincerity and determination of government departments to achieve better and faster economic and social development and create a better business environment, which has strengthened our confidence in running an enterprise and greater determination to run it well. The government should put aside all concerns and focus on development if it wants to do what the enterprise wants." Zhujiangliang expressed his gratitude that in the future, while developing and expanding the enterprise, we will make our own efforts to drive a number of high-tech products to take root in Tongxiang and Fengming street, and help establish an industrial chain integrating R & D, production and sales here

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