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Zhejiang University has developed a shell like fiber material

recently, the research team of Professor Gao Gao of the Department of polymer of Zhejiang University has developed a new type of shell like fiber with graphene and some organic polymer materials as raw materials

superb indicates that the shell structure is formed by regularly stacking a layer of calcium carbonate and a layer of polymer materials, which scientists call "brick ash structure". The material of this structure is tougher than steel and ceramics and harder than plastic. Scientists have been trying to imitate this structure to create new materials. Foreign scientists have made efforts for more than 20 years, but they can only make centimeter scale film samples

the material developed by the superb team is like a shell. A layer of graphene and a layer of organic matter are arranged in a "brick ash structure". Graphene is one of the known materials that can only be activated when the temperature reaches about 194 degrees Fahrenheit (90 degrees Celsius). It is firm, hard and has good conductivity. Although the shell like structure fibers are very small, they can be made into very long lines. Because of the special materials and special structure, the new fiber has ideal strength and toughness, can conduct electricity, is acid and alkali resistant, and is not afraid of water immersion

the clothes made of this special fiber can prevent radiation and static electricity. Due to the light weight of the new fiber (only about 10% of the weight of the same thick and thin metal wire), it can also be made into a lighter bulletproof jacket; It has good conductivity and can be produced at room temperature without consuming too much energy

Gao Gao said that maybe in the future, we can really be like Spider-Man, spewing out liquid and quickly condensing into strong new fibers, floating among city buildings

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