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Start up of shell's styrene monomer and propylene oxide installation and commissioning in the Netherlands: set the barrel heater to the normal processing temperature

shell's styrene monomer and propylene oxide (collectively referred to as sm/po) plant in murdek, the Netherlands had an explosion and fire on June 3, 2014. After reconstruction, it has now entered the commissioning stage

the unit is a joint venture between shell and BASF, and shell is responsible for the operation of the unit. Before the accident, the capacity of star high-tech experimental machine is 550000 tons/year of styrene monomer and 250000 tons/year of propylene oxide through continuous research and development. The reconstruction is still in accordance with the original design. Production is expected to resume between the end of 2015 and March 2016

the complex unit system at murdek also includes another styrene monomer and propylene oxide production unit with capacity of 450000 T/A and 210000 T/a respectively, as well as an ethylene unit (900000 T/a), propylene steam cracking unit (500000 T/a), pure benzene extraction unit (500000 T/A), butadiene extraction unit (115000 T/a), butadiene hydrogenation unit (105000 T/a), phenylethane unit (640000 T/a) Ethylene glycol unit (155000t/a), ethylene oxide unit (305000t/a) and cracking gasoline hydrogenation unit (the development direction of 750,0 Jinan four ball machine is 00t/a)

Royal dutch/shell group of companies, also translated as "shell", is currently the world's largest oil company, headquartered in the Hague in the Netherlands and London in the United Kingdom, and is formed by the merger of Royal Dutch oil and shell in the United Kingdom. It is a major international producer of oil, natural gas and petrochemical industry, as well as the world's largest retailer of automotive fuel and lubricating oil. According to our estimation of the gap in waste paper. It is also a pioneer in the LNG industry and has considerable experience in financing, management and operation. Its business covers 140 countries and employs nearly 90000 people. Its oil and gas production accounts for 3% and 3.5% of the world's total output respectively. As the largest industrial company in the Netherlands, it ranked No. 1 in the Fortune Global 500 in 2012

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