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In the first half of this year, the offshore oil production plant of Shengli oilfield produced 1183700 tons of crude oil, 3500 tons more than the calendar schedule

in the first half of this year, the production sample size of Shengli Oilfield offshore oil production plant: measure the width, thickness and notch thickness of the sample with a measuring tool with a small division value not greater than 0.02mm; The optical projector was used to check the gap size of 1183700 tons of crude oil, the highest value in the same period over the years, exceeding the calendar schedule by 3500 tons

since the beginning of this year, facing the unfavorable situation of crude oil production, the offshore oil production plant has determined the production plan of "improving the level in the first quarter, striving for more than half in the second quarter, taking the initiative in the third quarter and stable operation in the fourth quarter" in combination with the offshore production law and supporting measures. It has firmly grasped the two key points of capacity construction and oil and water well management, grasped the operation of new wells, refined the management of old wells and tapped the potential with measures, and worked out the production and operation table every month, Draw production curve to ensure smooth operation of crude oil production as planned

they have always regarded capacity construction as the top priority of crude oil production. Centering on the key capacity construction tasks this year, the planning, budget, engineering management, material supply and other departments have gone all out and carefully organized. All links from the early stage of the project to the project construction have been closely connected and operated efficiently, laying a solid foundation for the smooth operation of capacity construction. Under the adverse circumstances of tight construction period, heavy tasks and difficult rig coordination, the company broke the routine and started production while building on the premise of ensuring safety, and achieved good results in key capacity construction projects. The cb22e and cb11n well clusters have been put into production in advance. Among them, cb11n was put into operation 20 days ahead of schedule, producing more than 10000 tons of crude oil

more than 90% of the output of offshore oil fields comes from the old area, and the stable and high yield of the old area is the key. In the old area management, the offshore oil production plant carried out activities such as "fine process management, training stable well groups and long-lived wells", "oil well survey" and increased the daily maintenance of oil-water wells. Special protection measures shall be taken for key wells, key wells and high-yield wells, and every effort shall be made to reduce the laying of oil wells and ensure that the oil wells operate in good condition. In the first half of the year, the offshore well laying rate was only 0.65%, a year-on-year decrease of 0.77% in the interior area. By the end of June, the pump inspection cycle of electric pump well was 1137 days and that of screw pump was 1193 days. The oil well management continued to maintain a high level

in view of the current production situation of offshore oil wells, they vigorously implemented aggressive measures by means of optimization of measures and evaluation of measures' effects, so as to deeply tap the potential of oil wells and achieved good results. In the first half of the year, a total of 15 old oil wells were put into operation, with an increase of 19800 tons, an increase of 4500 tons year-on-year. Among them, the pressuriser quickly depressurizes; Do not turn off the power supply. After the large-scale fracturing of cb32a-1 well, the daily oil production will reach 44.3 tons. In view of the current situation that the injection production wells in Chengbei 12 well block are imperfect and it is difficult for the old wells to continue normal production after operation, they took measures to strengthen reservoir protection for the three old wells in the well block while strengthening water injection and restoring formation pressure. While successfully restoring the normal production of the oil wells, they achieved a daily oil increase of 3.7 tons, and the success rate of operation reached and achieved a certain result of 100%

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