The most popular Shengze Jiaxing two cities nylon

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Sheng Ze Quotation of nylon yarn in Jiaxing and Jiaxing

date of purchase: August 7, 2006 unit price (10000 yuan/ton)


330 D/1F semi glossy nylon monofilament 3.09 2.99 2.95

420d/1F glossy nylon trilobal filament 3.28 3.18 3.08

530d/1F glossy nylon trilobal profiled filament 3.23 3.07 2.96

630d/1F fluorescent nylon alien filament 3.20 2.90

730d/1F glossy nylon round hole filament 3.22 3.12 3.02

839d/1F glossy nylon monofilament 3.04 2.94 2.86

940d / 1F half Light nylon monofilament 2.98 2.88 2.80

1030d/10F nylon semi gloss multifilament 3.02 2.70

1158d/12F nylon semi gloss multifilament 2.98 2.67

1270d/12F nylon light profiled 2.88 2.65

13110d/24F nylon semi gloss multifilament 2.55 convenient for customers 2.40

1420d/6F 8F nylon multifilament 3.10 2.90

1520d/12F nylon multifilament 3.18 2.88

1640d/12F nylon-6fdy2.88 (Hai'an Hongfa)

1750d/12F nylon-6fdy2.84

1870d/24F nylon-6fdy2 80 (in this case, the domestic throttle valve shall be cleaned)

1970d/24F nylon-6fdy2 88 (made by Libaolong)

20 20100d/36F nylon-6fdy2.74 (Changsha, Hunan)

21 21140d/48F nylon-6fdy2.72

22 22210d/36F nylon-6fdy2.70

23 2328d/10F nylon-6dty3.55 (made in Fujian)

24 2440d/12F nylon-6dty3.25

25 2570d/24F nylon-6dty2.91

26 26100d/36F nylon-6dty2.88

27 2740d/34f nylon FDY full extinction 3.70 (made in Zhejiang)

28 2840d/12f nylon FDY bright 3.12

29 2970d/24F nylon FDY full extinction clamping surface 3 05

30 30 160D nylon 6-aty semi extinction 3.24

31 31 160D nylon 6-aty full extinction 3.34 (made in Shandong)

32 160D nylon 6-aty full extinction 3.38 (made in Taiwan)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Cautious situation of multiple batches. From the perspective of downstream nylon interwoven fabric transactions, the Nisi textile market shows a "volume increase" trend, but the total sales growth of nylon fabric is slow and the price is stable. It is expected that the nylon silk market will run smoothly next week

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