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We are not afraid of difficulties in winter decoration, because we have countermeasures. Knowing the three major problems often encountered in winter decoration, we can take countermeasures in advance:

winter decoration, we are not afraid of difficulties, because we have countermeasures. Understand the three major problems often encountered in winter decoration, and you can take countermeasures in advance:

Fenlin paint master coating problem 1: the decorative panel cracks

solution: after the decorative panel is transported to the construction site, wipe off the floating dust with a dry towel, and brush the varnish for two times continuously to seal the bottom. All decorative panels should be placed flat, with a large core board at the bottom and a large core board pressed on top. They cannot be placed upright, so as to prevent the panel from cracking and warping

problem 2: wall cracking

solution: always open windows for ventilation, and the best time is between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. The temperature is relatively high during this period, which can prevent the new putty from freezing. After the first coat of putty is completely dry, the second coat shall be approved. After the second putty is completely dry, polish it carefully with sandpaper. Sand lime walls and thermal insulation walls should be fully pasted with bean wrapped cloth or dacron cloth, and putty should be directly applied on the bean wrapped cloth or dacron cloth until it is completely dry and polished with sandpaper

if there are large holes or depressions in the wall, it is best to use gypsum powder and latex to mix and flatten the wall, which is convenient for rapid drying and firmness. When there are large cracks on the wall, double paste kraft paper on some places and then apply putty. When the area is large, it is best to paste bean wrapped cloth and then apply putty

problem 3: Cracks in gypsum board ceiling and gypsum line

solution: when carrying out gypsum board ceiling operation, the joints between gypsum boards and between gypsum board and wall surface shall be left with a gap of about 1 to 2 cm, which shall be filled with caulking, then double pasted with kraft paper, and then puttying

the moisture content of wood keel must be controlled below 12%, and “ Keel ” It must be firm without any looseness, so as to prevent cracks in the gypsum board ceiling. When sticking gypsum line, leave 0· between gypsum board and top surface and wall; The crack of about 5cm can be filled with gypsum powder and latex to prevent the gypsum line from cracking

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