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Although China's cabinet industry is facing problems such as rising raw material prices, industry standards to be improved, strong competitors, and unclear prospects, with the financial crisis receding,

although China's cabinet industry is facing problems such as rising raw material prices, industry standards to be improved, strong competitors, and unclear prospects, with the financial crisis receding, the global economy is stabilizing and recovering, Coupled with the continuous release of positive signals such as China's stimulating demand and expanding exports, it can be predicted that the cabinet industry, as one of the souls of home furnishings, will make a qualitative leap

according to the statistics of the development research center of the State Council, the total domestic market capacity will reach 29million units in the next five years, with an average of 5.8 million units per year. In about 100million urban households in China, the ownership rate of the overall cabinet is only 6.8%, far lower than that in developed countries. At the same time, the current overseas consumption capacity is still relatively limited, and Chinese products enjoy “ High quality and low price ” It is said that it is expected to be more reasonable, which shows that the cabinet market has great potential

director Li of the Organizing Committee of China International cabinet, kitchen and bathroom products and Technology Expo (cikb) believes that due to the differences between Chinese and Western living habits and cultures, the materials and functions of all imported cabinets cannot fully meet the needs of the Chinese market. Moreover, although Europe's position as a global furniture center has begun to shake, the market has not shrunk. As long as Chinese enterprises grasp Chinese characteristics and the trend of the times, they can completely walk out of their own development path

at present, many Chinese enterprises with international vision have been at the forefront of the times. At the cikb hosted by China Hardware Association in 2009, Haier, vantage, Sakura, fontai and other high-end brands in the industry collectively appeared, displaying their latest products and technologies, and moving towards “ Integrated kitchen ” Moving in the right direction. In the same period, “ The first China Cabinet technology seminar ” The meeting brought together Deng Cuiping, Secretary General of the kitchen professional committee of Shanghai Architectural Decoration Association, Zhao Jiankang, general manager of Shanghai seventh construction cabinet Museum, Jiang Mingjie, a senior professional manager of the industry, and the second “ Major academic achievements in the world ” Wu Bincheng, the winner of the grand prize, Cao Ningxia, the person in charge of Renolit membrane in Germany, Mou Yong, the Executive Deputy Secretary General of the kitchen furniture professional committee of the China Furniture Association, ye ManChao, the marketing director of Yangzi cabinet, Wang Qian, the person in charge of Mengte surface materials, Li Jinliang, the general manager of Nanjing Diaofeng building materials, and many other well-known people have expressed their profound views on the current situation and future trends of the cabinet industry, which have been widely praised by the industry

it is reported that cikb’ The event will be held from September 28 to 30 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Director Li of cikb organizing committee said that this year is a critical period of China's economic transformation. In order to guide more Chinese enterprises to go abroad, cikb’ Taking stock of the situation and aiming at internationalization, we will vigorously invite overseas buyers to visit and purchase through the establishment of overseas investment promotion teams, contacting overseas professional institutions to participate in exhibitions, participating in overseas professional exhibitions and other powerful measures

the soul of the kitchen is in the cabinet, and the soul of the cabinet is in design. CIKB’ 10. High end cabinet design institutions, scientific research institutes and well-known media in the industry will be convened to jointly hold “ Cabinet product design forum ”. Meanwhile, cikb’ The international brand of cabinet will also be introduced, and its cutting-edge products will be displayed on site, and the successful experience of brand independent innovation will be shared with the participants

“ As an important part of the cabinet and its accessories industry chain, build inter enterprise ‘ Trade, exchange, make friends ’ It is our responsibility to build bridges& rdquo; Director Li of cikb organizing committee said, “ However, the development of the industry ultimately depends on production, distribution enterprises and consumers. If the cabinet industry wants to take a big step, it needs enterprises to pay attention to the internal technology and industrial design of products, strengthen details, standardize management, and do a good job in brand strategy& rdquo;





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