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Analysis of seven blind spots leading to the failure of enterprise informatization

looking at the history of domestic informatization, it is not difficult to see that in fact, there are many blind spots in the process of enterprise informatization. Solving these blind spots will contribute to the success of informatization. Then who can solve these blind spots? What role does consulting company play in solving the blind spots

what are the blind spots to be solved

blind spot of enterprise leaders on the concept of informatization

many NRL researchers in China have adopted this kind of polymer material as a coating to improve the impact resistance of solid substrates. Enterprise leaders have a common sense misunderstanding about informatization. They believe that with informatization, many internal management, sales, marketing, finance, production and other problems will be solved, With the hype of the word and concept of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), this tendency seems to be getting stronger and stronger; Whether it is the media, whether it is training courses, whether it is seminars; Every time we talk about it, ERP always has many advantages. It can not only manage finance, logistics, production, sales and procurement, but also build a very useful comprehensive query system. Some software vendors even claim to provide decision support systems, which not only dazzle the technicians engaged in informatization in enterprises, but also harm the senior managers of enterprises, It seems that everything in the system has stopped and everything has been peaceful. In recent years, enterprise informatization seems to have become the representative of enterprise advanced production tools, and even more, it is considered to be the representative of enterprise advanced productivity. But when it comes to reality, ask friends who use ERP and relevant enterprises who use ERP. Everyone frowns when they mention ERP, as if ERP has brought them much pain and disaster, This really makes enterprise leaders at a loss

this phenomenon is widespread in China. An enterprise full of good wishes for informatization, once it chooses ERP, it really can't extricate itself. It continues and doesn't know when to realize informatization. If it doesn't continue, a large amount of human cost, capital and time have been invested, it is really willing to quit; Why did this happen? In fact, a very important point is the lack of understanding and understanding of informatization. Practical success cases or failure cases tell us a very real truth. ERP is only an illusory dream. To realize enterprise informatization, we must focus on the needs of enterprise management, grasp the key points of management, grasp the bottleneck of enterprise operation process, and build it through step-by-step transformation of informatization

blind spot of informatization strategy

in the process of operating informatization, few domestic enterprises realize the purpose and significance of formulating informatization strategy, do not consider the future direction of the enterprise, the future goals of the enterprise, the types of enterprise product lines, the layout of the enterprise manufacturing base, the quality and types of personnel, and also do not think about how to do enterprise informatization. They often have a hot head, After the strong promotion and market promotion of software enterprises, they inadvertently went to a system. As for what this system can do for the enterprise, they didn't think about it in detail, which caused the inconsistency between the future goals of the information system and the enterprise, the inconsistency of data transmission between the systems, and the formation of many independent bodies of information, so that the information system can't achieve a truly comprehensive sharing and fully connected organism. The real purpose of formulating the informatization strategy is to avoid the blind launch of the information system, but through the research on the current situation of the enterprise, the future development of the enterprise, the quality of enterprise personnel and a series of factors, suit the remedy to the case, and focus on the overall enterprise information network, system software, database software, machines, technical routes, the choice of software vendors, while solving the enterprise's very urgent informatization local system A series of complete plans, such as the selection of implementation and consulting teams, informatization implementation steps, etc., will prevent enterprises from taking detours in the future informatization operation process

blind spot of business process and management process

the adoption of enterprise informatization will inevitably lead to the transformation of enterprise business process and management process, which will not be changed by people's subjective consciousness. You don't want to transform it. Let a computer system fully adapt to the traditional, manual 4. Change the placement environment of fatigue testing machine. It's best not to be too wet, This will not bring too much change to the management of the enterprise. At best, it will only reduce the errors in the operation process, reduce the workload of report statistics, and accelerate the flow of information. If everything else remains unchanged, the acceleration of information flow will not produce a practical effect to accelerate the overall operation of the enterprise, because it cannot bring a qualitative leap to the loose and unsystematic manual management, This kind of informatization is only a manual substitute, which cannot be called information system under digitization

therefore, we must pay attention to the adjustment of business process and organization, so that the information system can be completely unified with business process and management process. Here we can see that I only use the word "adjustment" instead of change. This is because when most domestic enterprises are informationized, it is impossible and unnecessary to realize process change and organization change, because this kind of change will only lead enterprises to chaos and collapse, Because this kind of change should not take the informatization process as the starting point

blind spot in the selection of system construction partners

at present, China is full of many management software companies at different levels, including SAP, Oracle, fourth class, movies and so on. In China, there are UFIDA, Kingdee, and new China University, which rely on finance to win the world. After becoming famous at one stroke, they enter the field of enterprise information technology, as well as Qizheng, Lima, Hejia, and Inspur, who have been engaged in the development of enterprise information software, There are also Neusoft, digital China, Lenovo, and, of course, thousands of unknown small and medium-sized software companies that have entered the enterprise management software market from system integration; When enterprises face so many software companies, they already don't know how to face each software company. No matter which software company will rush to when they see good projects and enterprises. After so many eloquence, the enterprise's information personnel and leaders don't know how to choose. Any company promises that the best software in the world is only produced in their company; In this dilemma, how to grasp it? In fact, it is very simple. The software supplier that an enterprise must choose must be a software supplier that can match the enterprise. According to its own enterprise size, choose a software supplier with a long-term business history, an overall solution, and a very realistic software case, and the most important thing is to choose a software supplier that can develop together with the enterprise

blind spots in working methods, steps and categories in the informatization process

the informatization process is long, and it is impossible and there is no way to achieve it overnight. It can only be achieved step by step according to the pre selected operation steps and methods. If you are not willing to step by step, the end of informatization will be very miserable. At the same time, when operating each step, you must pay great attention to the demand range of each step, and cannot It is also impossible to enlarge the scope we set at will. If we enlarge it, it will bring great development difficulties and implementation difficulties. The practical problem beyond the scope is that the existing software cannot be used, and it must be used after the customization process, which virtually increases the time for the system to go online, but also increases the instability of the system, and brings great difficulties to the success of implementation, This difficulty will affect the confidence of the internal users of the enterprise, and may also cause failure in the informatization process. At the same time, it will also affect the objectives of each stage determined by the enterprise informatization strategy

the blind spot of informatization enlightenment of enterprise staff

the difference of enterprises determines the different quality of personnel among different enterprises. Software vendors, enterprise informatization personnel and enterprise leaders must not overestimate that informatization is just an administrative instruction, which can smooth out the departments and relevant personnel within the enterprise. If this point is ignored, it will bring considerable resistance to the implementation of informatization, No one knows the choice of personnel after the realization of informatization, whether to continue to retain, change to another post, or even prepare to layoff, which will have a great fear for the employees inside the enterprise. It will not only require the employees of the enterprise to learn informatization well, but also consider whether they will be laid off in the future. Try to think that in this fear and contradiction, the small decline in the price of informatization process can only be difficult and difficult

in order to get rid of this difficulty, we must strengthen education. This strengthening is not preaching, but a very realistic, passionate and crisis education, so that all relevant personnel can realize that informatization is actually the inevitable choice for enterprises to move towards the long term. At the same time, it is also an improvement to improve the employment ability of each employee. Through education, we should get rid of the shadow in their hearts, Only in this way can we avoid the resistance of employees and department leaders

blind spots in the knowledge structure of enterprise informatization personnel

last year, I have visited more than 30 enterprises. I can see that most of the enterprise informatization personnel are young. Young people almost make you feel that they don't have too many working methods and ideas, and not many people understand that informatization personnel must be combined with the actual work of the enterprise, resulting in the disconnection between technology and business; At the same time, many enterprises are located in remote areas, do not know much about the external technology has changed with each passing day, and still look at affairs with some original technical concepts; What I feel most in the work of enterprises is that many enterprise informatization personnel are buried in database technology, network technology, Java technology, SAP Technology and page programming technology, which is the most frightening. Therefore, if enterprise informatization personnel want to really do a good job in enterprise informatization, they must go down to the workshop, the sales department, the purchasing department and the financial department to consult modestly, understand the business process, understand the management structure Understand some knowledge related to management, and also exercise your management ability in work. Only in this way can you stand at the forefront of your enterprise informatization and give advice for enterprise informatization. Otherwise, you are just an ordinary engineer and technician, and you can't make yourself successful

I always believe that in order to solve the blind spots in the above seven informatization processes, the planning, publicity, education, speech, cultural communication, knowledge communication and working method communication of the Informatization Consulting Company must be carried out so that the leadership, management, directors and ordinary employees of the enterprise can truly understand how to avoid the blind spots in informatization and not repeat the failures and pain experienced by their predecessors in the informatization process, Only in this way can enterprises become successful. At the same time, formulate a detailed informatization strategy for the enterprise, so that the enterprise is no longer blind, no longer afraid of the use method of tensile testing machine, no longer make the mistake of choosing software partners in the face of many software companies, no longer make the enterprise informatization process unplanned, irregular, and directionless, so that all employees can feel the benefits of enterprise informatization, which

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