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On June 22, according to foreign media reports, GE Energy financial services, a subsidiary of Ge, announced on Monday that the company would jointly invest US $180million with abengoa SA, a Spanish renewable energy company, to establish the country's largest cogeneration plant in Mexico

the so-called cogeneration refers to the use of natural gas and other single energy to produce both electric energy and heat energy products at the same time, so as to effectively avoid the waste of heat energy. Through this mode of energy production, energy suppliers can provide higher thermal efficiency and calorific value, while carbon dioxide emissions will be significantly reduced

according to the plan of GE Energy financial services and abengoa, the newly established cogeneration plant will use natural gas as energy, with a power generation capacity of 300 MW and a total project cost of 640million US dollars. According to the plan, the cogeneration plant will be built near Nuevo Pemex natural gas processing plant, which is located near biaelmosa in Tabasco state. Nuevo Pemex natural gas processing plant is owned by Pemex gas y petroqu mica B Sica, a subsidiary of Pemex, a Mexican state-owned oil company. The natural gas processed by it mainly comes from the major natural gas fields in Mexico

GE Energy financial services pointed out that according to the 20-year service agreement signed by it, the joint venture cogeneration plant will supply power and steam to Nuevo Pemex. GE Energy financial services also said that its new cogeneration plant will use cleaner natural gas as fuel, which will effectively help the Mexican government complete its commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% on the basis of 2002 by 2050. In order to achieve this emission reduction target, the Mexican government is actively promoting the use of cogeneration technology

according to the agreement, GE Energy aims to increase varieties, improve quality and economic benefits. Financial services company and abengoa's two subsidiaries abener energy a and abengoa m xico will jointly own the plant. During the construction of this cogeneration plant, abener energy a and abengoa m xico will invest US $108million, while GE Energy financial services will invest US $72million. In addition, the fragments of banobras and bantande Bank of Mexico constitute Santander, Scotiabank of Canada, La caixa, Banco Espirito Santo of Portugal, creditagricole of France, Export Development Canada and HSBC will jointly provide a loan of US $460million for the project

it is reported that the construction of the project has started in September 2009, but its commercial operation will start in 2012. According to the plan, the project will provide 55% of the steam and all the energy required for Nuevo Pemex. In addition, the remaining energy produced by the project will be provided to other Pemex plants in Mexico through its national transmission system

GE Energy financial services pointed out that the joint venture cogeneration plant will use two GE Energy fr. let's learn about the basic installation and commissioning: ame 7FA gas turbine. In addition, the company has signed a 20-year service agreement. Alex Urquhart, President and CEO of GE Energy financial services, said: this transaction takes advantage of our advantages in long-term and key energy asset investment, and also makes our cooperation with abengoa further close

GE Energy financial services also said that abengoa and Ge have successful cooperation on many projects. This includes the two sides' investment in several energy transmission lines in Chile. At present, GE Energy financial services has invested US $400million in the energy field in Mexico, including natural gas pipelines, power plants and other branches

as of the close of last Friday, GE's share price was $15.95 per share, up $0.04 from the previous trading day. In pre session trading on Monday, Ge shares rose $0.23 to $16.18. (Chengzhi)

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