The hottest GDP growth rate broke nine, and PTA to

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The GDP growth rate broke nine, PTA took advantage of the trend to rise

Zhengzhou PTA futures opened higher in the morning on January 17. The main 1205 contract closed at 8790 yuan/ton, up 128 yuan/ton. Statistics released by the National Bureau of statistics showed that the annual GDP was 47156.4 billion yuan, an increase of 9.2% over the previous year at comparable prices. On a month on month basis, GDP grew by 2.0% in the fourth quarter. Basically in line with expectations, boosting the market. However, the haze of the European debt crisis has not yet dissipated, and the world is about to usher in a debt repayment peak. Whether we can successfully overcome this difficulty, we need to wait and see the market. It is expected that PTA will continue to maintain its adjustment pattern in the near future due to the neglect of downstream transactions

the electronic disk of crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Futures Exchange (NYMEX) operated around us $100 per barrel on the 17th, after Iran warned its Gulf neighbors that if they increased production, they would bear the consequences, causing concerns about supply disruption. Iran's threat comes as the leaders of China, Japan and South Korea, its major buyers in Asia, visit other oil producing countries in the Middle East, and the United States has put pressure on many countries to stop importing Iranian oil. However, the rise in oil prices was limited, as the demand situation was worrying after S & P lowered the credit rating of nine euro zone countries. As of 11:30 Beijing time, NYMEX February crude oil futures were reported at US $99.99 per barrel

px, the U.S. PX market quotation price fell slightly by $10/ton to $1/ton FOB U.S. Gulf, the U.S. PX market quotation, the market has not submitted an offer. The price of PX market in northwest Europe fell slightly from $5/ton to $1/ton FOB Rotterdam. The production and sales of PX market in Europe are light, and there is no actual transaction heard for the time being. PTA East China domestic trade market is flat, the price of the offer of the owner is about yuan/ton, the downstream delivery should be diligent, the price is around 8750 yuan/ton, and the actual negotiated price is around yuan/ton

the polyester market appears calm, the downstream weaving, texturing, replenishment and material preparation are looming, and the overall quotation is generally stable for the time being. However, Wuxi and Shaoxiao regions have the best experimental equipment to provide economic benefits to users at all levels. Polyester products from other factory areas have entered Shengze and Jiaxing markets, and the quotation and acceptance sticker have increased slightly to varying degrees. At present, the downtime rate of downstream weaving and texturing has increased, Many people in the industry feel confused about the polyester market after the Spring Festival, but at present, with the strong support of the polyester raw material market, the polyester product trading is still able to prepare materials before the year, and driven by the psychological factors of cost push up, it is not ruled out that the polyester price will have a trend of shock and push up in the short term

in terms of spot goods, the market situation of PTA in North China is flat. The offer price of the holder is about yuan/ton, the downstream offer price is about 8800 yuan/ton in my opinion, and the actual negotiated price is around yuan/ton. The market price of paraxylene (PX) in Asia remained stable at 1586 5 U.S. dollars/ton CFR Taiwan, China/Chinese Mainland, and 1561. The following key points are about common faults of friction and wear testing machines and things that must be paid attention to when using them 5 US dollars/ton FOB Korea

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