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Ge and Harbin Electric terminate the joint venture project

recently, according to the announcement of the Hong Kong stock exchange, GE and Harbin Electric will terminate the two wind power joint venture projects established in China and develop their own wind power businesses. The two sides will strengthen their cooperation in the field of gas turbines

it is reported that the reason for the termination of cooperation with ordinary plastic bags is that there are fundamental differences in business priorities and business strategies between the two sides. However, this will not affect the continued development of the two sides in China's wind power market: the two sides will implement their respective business strategies as independent entities after equity repurchases

ge said that its strategic focus is still the commercialization of high-tech wind turbines, because it can provide wind power developers and operators with the highest economic returns and power output

ge further stated that it would be committed to China's wind power industry and would continue to operate the wind turbine manufacturing company in Shenyang with 100% shareholding. According to a recent public report, GE was the world's largest wind power company with the largest installed capacity in 2012

The rubber fatigue testing machine can analyze all the test results, such as elongation, stress, strain, failure value, average value, etc.

two wind power joint ventures of Ge Harbin electric group were established in September 2010. Harbin Electric Group and G, a joint venture located in Jiangsu Province, can carry out 3-point zigzag experiment, 4-point zigzag experiment, sheet metal tensile experiment, thick plate tensile experiment, strengthened steel bar tensile experiment, chain tensile experiment, fixed part experiment, connecting rod experiment, change decadence experiment, bend twist composite decadence experiment, interactive zigzag decadence experiment, CT experiment, CCT experiment, gear decadence experiment under sinusoidal load E holds 51% and 49% shares respectively. Harbin Electric Group, a Ge Shenyang wind turbine manufacturing company, once purchased 49% of the shares

after the termination of the cooperation between the two parties, Harbin Electric Group will acquire 49% equity of Jiangsu joint venture and Ge will acquire 49% equity of Shenyang joint venture

the two companies have extended their cooperation focus to another field: strengthening the existing cooperation in the field of gas turbines

the 12th Five year energy plan in the global Li ion battery cathode material market, issued at the beginning of the year, clearly stated that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, gas and steam combined cycle peak shaving power stations should be reasonably constructed in the economically developed eastern regions with reliable natural gas sources

this means that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's gas-fired power generation market will usher in rapid development

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