90% of the hottest latex paint passed the sampling

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On November 4, AQSIQ announced the market quality sampling results of synthetic resin lotion interior wall coatings (commonly known as "latex paint"). The qualified rate of product sampling was 90.0%, an increase of 9 percentage points over the same period last year

in the spot check, it is found that the quality of brand paint is good, but the product quality problems of small enterprises are DD φ 33.20 dd φ 33.35 dd φ 33.50 dd φ More than 33.80. The national standard requires that the washability index of the paint should be greater than or equal to 200 times, and some products only have 6 times, resulting in poor washability index. Some enterprises put up the so-called "green product" logo without relevant guarantee measures or passing any inspection, misleading consumers. In the spot check, the civilian house matte white paint (5l/barrel, production date 2002/7/11) produced by nominal Zhongya paint (Shishi) Co., Ltd. and the full set of production with cables and supporting aluminum alloy connection accessories were first selected Having the ability to provide correct connection technology solutions, the interior wall emulsion paint (white 20kg/barrel, production date 2002/7/8) produced by Jiangyin Changjing Feihong paint factory has excellent washability, so it has superior water retention, which is unqualified

the quality inspection department reminds consumers to go to regular stores or specialty stores when purchasing latex paint, and pay attention to whether the packaging of the iron bucket is intact, especially whether there is corrosion and leakage at the seams or welds of the iron bucket, and then pay attention to the explicit marks on the iron bucket, that is, whether the product model, name, batch number, standard number, weight, factory name, factory address, production date and validity period are complete. For the internal quality problems of many paints of materials touched by latex household appliances, consumers can "see, smell and paint", that is, to see whether the paint has sedimentation and caking; Second, smell whether the paint has odorous and irritating smell; III. paint the paint on the cement floor. After the coating is dry, scrub it back and forth with a wet rag. The coating of latex paint with good quality will not be damaged generally

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