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Emerson energy's eight products have passed the identification of "independent innovation products" in Shenzhen. It was learned recently that in the identification of "independent innovation products" carried out in Shenzhen at the end of last year, Emerson's business brand (NYSE Stock Code: EMR) and the global leader of "key business fully guaranteed TM" all of the eight products reported by Emerson energy have passed the identification, Obtained from Shenzhen Science and technology and Information Bureau and Shenzhen, if ink is added, it can be made into conductive ink; In the printing and inking of glass ceramics, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of trade and industry jointly issued the certificate of independent innovation products. It is reported that the eight products that have passed the certification are: NX series UPS, hipulse U series UPS, Itrust ul33 series UPS, BMP on-board power supply, programmable logic controller, datamate3005 (s) precision air conditioner, X series precision air conditioner and STS load automatic transfer switch

it is understood that the identification of "independent innovation products" in Shenzhen is based on the spirit of the document "decision on implementing the independent innovation strategy and building a national innovation oriented city" (shenfa [2006] No. 1) issued by the Shenzhen Municipal Party committee and the Shenzhen Municipal People's government, and the Shenzhen Bureau of science, technology and information and the Shenzhen Bureau of trade and industry specifically implement the evaluation work. The identification activity aims to further play the role of government procurement in promoting independent innovation, improve the independent innovation ability with enterprises as the main body, and drive the rapid development of high-tech industries in Shenzhen. According to the measures of Shenzhen Municipality for the administration of the recognition of independent innovative products and the norms of Shenzhen Municipality for the recognition of independent innovative products, products holding the certificate of Shenzhen Municipality for the recognition of independent innovative products will become products in the catalogue of independent innovative products of Shenzhen Municipality and can enjoy relevant preferential policies such as government procurement

all the eight products reported by Emerson energy have passed the recognition of "independent innovation products" in Shenzhen, which is undoubtedly the best affirmation and encouragement of Emerson energy's independent innovation ability. As the mainstream provider of network energy equipment, power integrated solutions and integrated services in the industry, Aineng has coordinated the immediate tightening effect and long-term anti-aging effect. Emerson Network energy has always adhered to the line of independent research and development for many years. The company has long been committed to the R & D and innovation of network energy technology, the perfect combination of technology and applied engineering technology, and the provision of network energy products and integrated flexible solutions with leading technology, excellent performance and reliable quality to customers. Today, Emerson Network energy has built the widest and most complete network energy product line in the industry, and has an industry-leading network energy technology research and development, product manufacturing and service platform

according to the introduction, Emerson Network Energy independently developed and provided applied technologies and products to the market, including communication power supply, UPS, precision air conditioner for machine room, outdoor integrated communication cabinet, server cabinet system, ATS automatic switch, STS static switch, power network protection products, storage battery, low-voltage distribution cabinet, SPM server power management system, PSMS power network and environmental monitoring system, power operation power supply Solar energy, wind energy and other product fields. These network energy technologies and products represent the application mainstream of the current industry and market

about Emerson energy

Emerson energy is a business brand owned by Emerson (NYSE: EMR). It is a global leader in "key business full assurance TM", providing a comprehensive guarantee from network to chip for communication networks, data centers, healthcare and industrial facilities. Emerson energy provides customers with innovative solutions and expertise in the fields of AC and DC power supply, precision refrigeration, embedded computing and power supply, integrated racks and cabinets, transfer switches, power and environmental monitoring, connectivity, solar energy and wind energy. All solutions can be fully supported by local Emerson energy professional service personnel worldwide. For details of Emerson energy's products and services, please visit

about Emerson

Emerson company (NYSE: EMR), headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is a leading company in the world. The company combines technology and engineering. The weight of modified plastics used in each vehicle accounts for about 7% to 1% of the weight of the vehicle itself, making it repeated several times and 0% combined in network energy, process management, industrial automation Provide innovative solutions for customers in the fields of environmental optimization technology, household appliances and tools. The company's sales in fiscal year 2008 amounted to $24.8 billion. For more information, please visit the company website (global) (China)

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