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Eight requirements for the future development of China's characteristic mold industry

with the continuous development of China's economy, China's manufacturing industry also began to develop molds with Chinese characteristics, for which industry experts put forward eight requirements:

1. Creative innovation for development. Innovative technology is a necessary link for the development of a sliding rod industry, which is the most important for China's mold industry

2. Demand and supply cooperation should be upgraded. At this stage, the unstable supply and demand of China's mold industry is a relatively large problem. The overcapacity of low-end products and few high-end products are more critical in the transformation and upgrading

3. Quality brand creates excellent products. Many products in the domestic mold market are gradually moving towards a mature stage, and the improvement of brand awareness can better provide a broader market for molds

4. Green low carbon promotes growth. Pollution prevention, energy conservation and emission reduction are the prerequisites for the development of the industry

5. The conflict between energy supply and demand is becoming more and more prominent, self-discipline, standardization and harmony. The quality of industrial products is basically improved

6. Specialization of organization construction. The improvement of professional talent reserve is the focus of the future development of the mold industry

7. Industry Alliance advocates standards. Industry 5. Enterprise alliance and technical cooperation development within the mold size and manufacturing tolerance is an excellent implementation method in the mold transformation period

8. Expand the vision of exhibition business. The holding of exhibitions and other activities, whether domestic or international, has a lot of room for industry exchanges

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