Eight most popular brands' summer tire strength du

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Eight brands of summer tire strength duel, MAGGIS HP5 won the championship glory

the strength of eight brands' summer tires competed, and MAGGIS HP5 won the championship glory

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recently, the Swedish magazine vibil ä gare's conducted a 2021 summer tire test evaluation at Montpellier testing ground in France, with the evaluation specification of 225/45 zr17. Eight brands were selected for this evaluation, and the vehicle VW Golf 1.5 TSI was used to evaluate the performance of 10 sub items, including dry wetland braking, dry wetland grasping, dry wetland handling, longitudinal water floating, transverse water floating, fuel consumption, noise and comfort

MAGGIS HP5 won the first place in terms of strength

in this test, MAGGIS HP5, with its strong strength, started its research in the field of automotive materials late in China, defeated Michelin, German horse brand, Pirelli and other brands, won the first place in terms of total score and won the champion of the overall performance evaluation. Vibil ä Gar is equipped with a special fixture. E's Swedish magazine gave high praise to MAGGIS HP5: "impressive excellent cornering performance, easy to operate when in the grip limit, high grip and stability, performance can almost keep pace with UHP tires"

it is worth mentioning that MAGGIS HP5 has achieved full marks in the evaluation of five sub items: Wetland grip, wetland control, vertical water drift, horizontal water drift and dry land control, and its performance superiority is self-evident. Finally,

positioning the medium and high-end debut will be amazing

according to the understanding of China tire business, MAGGIS HP5 was set in the medium and high-end series at the beginning of its design. It is a product that focuses on high-performance and wetland handling performance, and can give consideration to comfort

in terms of tire structure, HP5 tires adopt conductive chimney design to improve anti-static performance, full silica formula can reduce rolling resistance, and slender Triangle rubber design can improve comfort. The three pattern block design in the center of the tire crown can absorb vibration, improve high-speed stability and provide excellent driving stability. The outer continuous pattern block design enhances the overall rigidity of the pattern and improves the traction and handling performance. The curved tread groove design of the shoulder reduces the vibration noise generated by the air and the tread, reduces the road noise, and improves the driving comfort. Four straight main ditches are designed to increase the area of the patterned main ditch, improve the drainage efficiency, prevent the wetland from drifting, and improve the controllability

since its launch in 2016, the MAGGIS HP5 has not only been widely praised by car owners and consumers, but also has been affirmed by international professional media for many times - it won the annual wheel of the automotive family in 2015, the first place in the performance test of driving solutions in Australia in 2016, the third place in the evaluation of European Professional Driver magazine, the king of tires award of automotive magazine in 2017, and the first place in the overall evaluation of German ace magazine in 2020 Australian automotive media "wheels Australia" ranked second in performance evaluation

this time, MAGGIS HP5 has won international recognition again, showing its long-standing strong solid metal tensile testing machine, which can be called tensile testing machine for metal force, and more highlighting the excellent quality and extraordinary strength of MAGGIS tire as one of the top ten tire brands in the world

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