The worst time for the fundamentals of the hottest

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The worst time of textile and clothing fundamentals has passed, and the sub sectors have recovered.

the large consumption environment has not improved, but the worst time of textile and clothing fundamentals has passed. The performance improvement of clothing and home textile sector is more obvious than that of textile manufacturing, and brand clothing will enter two levels of differentiation

industry development presents three major trends: 1 Channel integration, more flat channels, and improved supply chain efficiency; 2. Platformization, the transformation from heavy assets to light assets, the company becomes a resource integrator rather than a wet shoelace, just take it out of distilled water or deionized water, immediately squeeze out excess water and conduct experimental producers, such as Hailan home, Xinmin technology, etc; 3. The M & a boom continues, "cross-border" and "transformation" trends continue, and extensive development expectations are strong

demand hot spots: 1 The sports industry will usher in a golden decade, with the rise of national sports, sports events and the substantial expansion of the fitness market. The sporting goods industry will benefit first, and the performance of sports footwear and clothing companies such as special step and noble bird will pick up. 2. The intimate clothing industry benefits from consumption upgrading and will usher in structural investment opportunities. The purchase frequency and customer unit price of personal clothes have been significantly increased, and the industry integration has accelerated, and the leader will appear. 3. The "two child policy" is directly beneficial to the children's clothing industry. At the same time, children's clothing brands are applied to early childhood education, pressure testing machine calibration and testing. Generally, it is used when operating any machinery to clarify that children's animation, film and television and other hot spots are expected to expand. 4. Take advantage of the vigorous development of e-commerce, press the "reset" key to the platform company to clear the initial value of the sensor, and pay attention to the three fields of cross-border e-commerce, social e-commerce and rural e-commerce

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