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Overview of the application of Yanxiang products in the power dispatching system of steel plants: the power dispatching system is a set of industrial and mining enterprise power supply system automatic dispatching system developed by Xinlian company for the power supply system of an iron and steel group company. The system has completed the data acquisition, transmission, centralized management, statistical analysis, alarm Comprehensive functions such as accident record

the system has advanced technology, fast real-time response speed, high system stability, strong scalability and strong adaptability. Aiming at the distribution of power load consumption of each substation, the comprehensive scheduling of power load consumption of substations at all levels in iron and Steel Group Company is realized

system requirements:

the system requires comprehensive scheduling for the power load consumption of substations at all levels of iron and steel group company. Specific requirements are as follows:

hardware requirements:

high sampling accuracy

fast communication rate

flexible and simple communication mode

strong stability and versatility of the system

high degree of automation

strong anti-interference ability

therefore, the system adopts a front-end plug-in architecture

software requirements

the upper software uses dataware3.0 to connect with the SQL database

the lower software uses configuration software to complete the scene screen simulation

a table file is established for each substation, including: open circuit name, date, time, a current and voltage, B current and voltage, c current and voltage, active power, reactive power, apparent load power, power factor, frequency Active electricity measurement and reactive electricity measurement. After receiving this command, the acquisition unit will send the calculated current and voltage effective values, frequencies, active power, reactive power and kwh in the unit of open circuit. Send accident alarm

according to the threshold value set in the configuration file, the software will judge whether there is an accident or alarm. If it occurs, the accident cause or alarm and alarm data will be sent. This function has higher priority than other function modules

system composition:

this system is mainly composed of three levels: acquisition level (including signal conditioning), workstation level and dispatching level, and the integrated network system is composed of can, remote dedicated line and Ethernet. The area covered is about 50 square kilometers

the system has completed the comprehensive functions of data acquisition, transmission, centralized management, statistical analysis, alarm, accident record and so on for 68 substations, nearly 4000 power supply circuits and 15000 switching values of iron and steel group company

upper workstation computer: ipc-6806/fsc-1611vd2n/CPU piii800/memory 128M/hard disk 60g

signal collector: ipc-8621/fsc-1611vd2n/CPU PI, where ii800/memory 256M/hard disk 40g

server: ipc-8206/fsc-1713vn/CPU P4/memory 512M/hard disk 80g

the friction coefficient should be a constant range

field application:

this the system makes full use of data acquisition/processing Management/communication function to realize the monitoring of hundreds of analog quantities. The upper computer uses c++ software to control the sampling frequency, sampling data capacity and sampling accuracy of the system with the rapid economic development and sampling mode. The configuration software has the functions of basic state diagram, historical data diagram, switch two state diagram, real-time curve display, fault recording and broadcasting, harmonic analysis, automatic dialing and so on

through the use of the upper computer and the configuration software of Kingview, the comprehensive automation of the load dispatching system of the substation is realized, which greatly solves the problem of uneven power load during the production of the iron and steel group company, improves the level of automatic production in an all-round way, and lays a solid foundation for steadily increasing the output of iron and steel production

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