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The word "vacuum ion plating" of the latest advanced coating technology in mold manufacturing appeared in China's domestic industry 10 years ago. The first thing widely recognized by the industry is that this surface treatment technology can be used as a decorative application to enhance the appearance effect of products. Due to the increasing market demand, the local government began to pay attention to this technology and further study the feasibility of applying it to functional coatings. In recent years, "vacuum ion plating" has appeared in the market under the professional name of "physical vapor deposition" (PVD), focusing on strengthening its functional applications, especially in molds and other metal parts. In view of this, this paper will make an in-depth introduction to (PVD) coating technology, and discuss the future market development prospects and technological evolution

improve the understanding of industrial coatings as a whole

the research on industrial coatings in European countries is quite developed. Kehui titanium is a pioneer in introducing (PVD) coatings into China's manufacturing industry, and deeply understands the application of coatings and the change of application mode in mold manufacturing and metal processing industry. In recent years, the promotion work of Kehui has deepened the manufacturers' understanding of coating, and made them understand the importance of coating of molds, cutting tools, metal parts or products. Now many manufacturers have made practical actions to use high-quality coatings for molds and products

among all kinds of products, coating is widely used in molds and some high-end products (such as razor blades, semiconductor processing machine parts, dust-free room fixtures, etc.), and coating is relatively rare in cutting tools. This is because the development of tool coating is different from that of mold and other products. According to the usage habits of the industry, tool coating - in 2017, Jiangxi Jinhui lithium industry, Jiangxi hezong, Jiangxi Yunli, jiangte electromechanical and other companies have adopted different lithium mica technology to produce lithium carbonate, and have generally completed the coating work in the tool manufacturer. Therefore, there is less demand for self-made tool coating. Relatively speaking, mold coating has a closer relationship with manufacturers

according to the internal survey data conducted by Swiss PLATIT company, which is represented by kohui Suou, if divided into the three industrial regions of the United States, Europe and Asia, the growth rate of coating use in the United States is the strongest. The overall turnover increased by more than 50% from 2001 to 2005, while the growth of Asia and Europe is less than that of the United States, but it has also doubled in the past five years

the reasons for this situation are as follows: the United States has developed transportation network, relatively perfect logistics development, and the express delivery work stresses service commitment, so it has the prerequisites; For manufacturers, as the production cycle is getting shorter and shorter, a slight delay will cause immeasurable losses, which has a positive role in promoting the development of the coating industry. Another factor is that the overall industry in the United States has a high level of awareness of the coating, for example: the coating needs to be carried out in a strict environment, and some metal materials cannot be mixed together for coating, which they all fully understand; In contrast, China's coating industry is still a "professional" category. Non insiders do not have a deep understanding of coating, which also hinders the smooth development of the local coating industry

high end products are the target market

many manufacturers will consider two questions: does the product need coating? Whether it is more cost-effective to purchase a coating equipment by yourself or send the cutting tools or mold products to the coating processing service provider? Coating only accounts for about 10% of the production cost of tools, but it can improve the service life several times. Therefore, coating is very necessary and is also the development trend in the future. As for how to measure self purchase or outsourcing coating work, we need to pay attention to the market. At present, local or Taiwan manufacturers have begun to regard coating machines as conventional equipment. Even though the price of coating equipment has not decreased significantly in recent years, they still choose to purchase coating equipment, which also reflects the growing demand for coating. The different series of PLATIT PVD superhard coating system can meet the different requirements of various manufacturers

increase the service life of the mold

the use of coating on the mold has significant advantages: first, coating is an effective method to prolong the service life of the mold, reduce the overall production cost, and increase production capacity and improve the stability of product performance. As the protection of the film is added to the surface of the workpiece, the service life can generally be enhanced to 3 to 4 times; In the long run, the number of sets of manufacturing molds can be reduced. As for the actual life extension, it mainly depends on the product itself. For example, the stamping die uses a special starric (TiCN MP + movic) coating, which increases its service life by as much as seven times

second, strengthen the reliability of molds and products. Large scale enterprises pay attention to production quality and require high reliability of products (such as electrical appliances and portable devices), so strict quality protection measures are adopted; In addition, the production cycle of the current manufacturing industry is increasingly shortened. Once there are problems in the production process (such as mold damage), there may not be enough time to remedy them, and the coating can provide quality assurance for the mold

third, highlight the effect of the product. PVD then mixes the two evenly and adds additives to suppress the coating. In addition to providing functional defense, it can protect the mold surface and improve the product appearance

evolution of coating equipment technology

platit launched its first coating equipment in 1992, and there have been many changes since then. PL70 is the current standard coating machine model, which adopts the flat rectangular cathode arc coating technology (commonly known as flat target), which is suitable for small and medium-sized batches of cutting tools or molds. By 2003, the official launch of nano coating technology has brought a new scene to the mold and metal processing industry. In terms of technology, its evaporation source has changed from the original plane target to a rotatable cylindrical target. The original plane target has only 20-30% utilization rate, while the utilization rate of the rotating target is as high as 7. The utilization rate of imported and domestic joint venture manufacturers can reach 0% - 80%, which is more environmentally friendly. At the same time, the tests we did later verified that we have further improved the problem of "droplets" and made the surface smoother. Other benefits include solving the problem of heat concentration and improving evaporation energy. This innovation can improve the utilization rate of target materials, improve the surface roughness of the coating and produce Si3N4 (silicon nitride) coating. Arc coating of cylindrical target is a patented technology of PLATIT, PLATIT? 0

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