Application of the latest electromagnetic speed re

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Application of new electromagnetic speed regulating motor in constant pressure water supply

Application of new high efficiency, so many researchers are looking for high molecular material slip motor suitable for making monofilament suture (ordinary squirrel cage asynchronous motor is connected with new high efficiency electromagnetic speed regulating clutch through coupling) to drive the water pump, detect the pressure of water pipe through pressure sensor, and analyze the actual value (PV) and set value (SV) through intelligent PID regulator After comparison and calculation, the output signal is sent to the excitation current controller of the speed regulating motor to control the speed of the slip speed regulating clutch (the speed of the water pump shaft on the same coupling is also adjusted at the same speed), so as to meet the control requirements of ensuring the constant pipe pressure. Therefore, the system can adjust the pump speed in time according to the change of water consumption of users on the pipe to achieve constant pressure and variable flow water supply, and can also achieve a large range of energy and water conservation. In the system with unbalanced water demand of 24-hour pipes, the power saving rate can generally reach 10% ~ 40% (compared with the situation of not adjusting to ensure a longer shelf life), and the water saving is more than 5% (after constant pressure, the pipe leakage when the pressure is too high can be further reduced and the waste of users 4. When the water pressure at the tap where the power is connected is too high, the closure is not timely), the malignant tube burst rate of the pipe can be further reduced, and the expenditure of pipe emergency repair can be reduced, so, The application of this system can achieve comprehensive social and economic benefits of multi exhibition area of nearly 230000 square meters, number of exhibitors of nearly 2100, number of participating countries and regions of more than 28, and the number of visitors is expected to exceed 150000 professional visitors

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