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The application of wireless data transmission module in power meter reading

I. overview

with the gradual promotion of the two transformation work of the national power system, the implementation of the policy of "one meter for one household, power management to households", the power consumption network has expanded sharply, and the workload of meter reading is increasing, which makes the management task of power supply enterprises to the power consumption network increasingly intensified

how to collect, count and analyze the electricity consumption and other data of large and scattered users in a timely, effective and accurate manner has become the main driving force for paper enterprises to raise prices, which is an urgent problem to be solved for power supply enterprises. If only meter reading workers read meters door-to-door, it will not only cause low work efficiency, but also lead to missed, erroneous and estimated meter reading caused by manual meter reading, and even meter reading personnel cheating in partnership with power users, which will bring immeasurable losses to power supply enterprises. The traditional manual meter reading method has been difficult to adapt to the current situation, and the automatic meter reading system came into being

this system adopts the most advanced wireless digital communication technology, and has jointly developed a set of wireless power meter reading system to adapt to the market of China's power industry with Harbin banger Industrial Control Technology Co., Ltd. It has many advantages, such as low cost, low power consumption, super communication ability, long communication distance, strong anti-interference ability, automatic alarm for power theft, etc. The application of this system can enable the power management department to copy the power consumption data of users in its jurisdiction on time and accurately, obtain a more accurate comprehensive power consumption statistics and power consumption analysis report, and can also use the power department to effectively prevent power theft, missing copying and miscopying, so as to recover losses for the country and better serve users

II. System functional features:

(1) collection and storage of power consumption data

(2) remote wireless communication

(3) control tripping and closing

(4) system self-test to fully ensure safe and reliable operation with digital timer effect

(5) automatic alarm function for power theft

(6) timing function

iii System composition:

the system is composed of power RTU (multi-function watt hour meter or transformer meter) and wireless data transmission module d21dm, PC and master station power management software. The central station is located in the meter reading center of the electricity management department, and the external stations are residential user RTU and transformer RTU respectively. The specific block diagram is as follows:

IV. working principle:

the working mode of the system is point-to-multipoint group mode, and the communication mode is generally timed round robin addressing mode. Each RTU has its own address, which can be set by the user when establishing the system

the computer in the meter reading center (the upper computer installed with the main meter reading management software system), alloy high carbon steel (or low carbon alloy steel), cold work die steel, etc. communicate with the remote RTU through wireless communication according to the designed communication protocol. RTU automatically analyzes and parses and completes various tasks according to the commands sent by (upper computer) software

main computer power management software

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