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The application of Keda intelligent rail transit solution in Nanning

as a public transport tool with large traffic volume, the subway can effectively alleviate urban traffic congestion, optimize urban spatial layout, promote urban economic development and enhance urban comprehensive competitiveness. However, at the same time, the characteristics of strong space closure and high personnel density of rail transit make it more difficult for people to travel safely

recently, the eastern section of Nanning Metro Line 1 was put into trial operation, which is the first subway line completed and opened to traffic in Nanning, and also the first subway in the national minority autonomous region to be put into trial operation. As an expert in rail transit solutions, Keda police video monitoring system escorts Nanning Metro all the way

the system is mainly composed of police video monitoring system and police video conference system, covering 25 Nanning's exports to emerging countries. The proportion of Nanning's exports to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. The station, 2 station police stations, and 1 rail transit branch will be interconnected with the video monitoring system of the rail operation company, and can be accessed upward to Nanning Public Security Bureau, realizing three functions: timely handling of emergencies, maintenance of pedestrian flow order in the station, and video quality detection

timely handling of emergencies

Kodak intelligent rail transit solution has a variety of intelligent high temperature detection functions, such as forbidden zone crossing, personnel staying, items left behind, personnel physical conflict, etc. At the same time, combined with Kodak video conference system, it can realize multi-party meetings, resource scheduling and other functions. When encountering an emergency, the commander can timely understand the site situation through the front-end video monitoring resources, and then conduct video conference through correct operation and fair handling of the fault. The video conference equipment is set in the stations, police stations and other places along the line, dispatch multi-party resources, and conduct remote survey and command

maintain the order of people flow in the station

the platform of rail transit has always been one of the places with the most dense people flow in rail transit. How to guide the people flow to flow orderly according to the rules is also the focus of managers. Kodak rail transit solution supports intelligent identification functions such as passenger flow density detection and abnormal reverse detection of personnel, so as to avoid on-site order disorder caused by personnel retrograde or sudden increase of 7 inspection rule passenger flow density

video quality detection

in daily management, Kodak's visual quality polling detection system is deployed to poll the image resources in the system. When abnormal conditions such as camera image black screen, no image, image freezing, offline, moving, image occlusion, image blur, color deviation and so on are found, the system will give an alarm and make statistics, so as to save maintenance costs and improve maintenance efficiency

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