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The electronic information manufacturing industry in China is developing rapidly, and there is an urgent need for the localization of new electronic and chemical materials. On November 8, the China Electronic and chemical new materials industry alliance was announced to be established in Beijing, which will break the industry boundaries and promote the application of domestic chemical new materials in the electronic field through the cross-border integration of upstream and downstream and the deep integration of industry, University, research and application

at the founding meeting of the alliance, pan Aihua, deputy director of the Department of raw materials industry of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that new electronic and chemical materials are the frontier of the chemical industry chain and are indispensable or even key basic chemical materials in the manufacturing processes of ultra large scale integrated circuits, liquid crystal display panels, solar cells, electronic components, etc. in the electronic information industry. Due to the high entry threshold, the plastic deformation property market share of domestic inspection sheet and strip of domestic new electronic and chemical materials is only about 30%, and most of them are in the middle and low-end market. The high-end market is still monopolized by manufacturers in Japan, Europe, America, South Korea and Taiwan, China, and the import dependence of some products is as high as 90%. Therefore, the combination of new chemical materials and electronics across industries, upstream and downstream, the integration and coordination of industrial resources, and collaborative innovation in the combination of government, industry, University and research are conducive to breaking down the improved industry barriers due to the matrix infiltration on the GF surface, raising demand in the downstream and docking in the upstream, forming a good situation of mutual benefit

there are 48 initiating units of China Electronic and chemical new materials industry alliance, including 25 chemical materials enterprises and 9 user enterprises such as downstream semiconductors and flat panel displays. Do you know? If you want to know more about experimental machines, there are 9 university research institutions and 5 related associations

Zhou Zi, honorary chairman of the alliance and chairman of SMIC international, said that China's semiconductor manufacturing industry should be strong, and the material industry must be strong in order to achieve matching and form a complete industrial chain. It is time for China's new electronic and chemical materials to rise

huzhongming, the first chairman of the alliance and the Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Juhua Group, said that the purpose of the alliance is to create an industrial collaborative development mechanism based on the combination of industry, University, research and application, with enterprises as the main body and market as the guide. The alliance will be a "booster" for the development of the industry and a "Rainbow Bridge" for the communication between government and enterprises, so as to promote the upgrading of China's electronic and chemical new materials industry faster. Juhua, as the chairman unit, will be the "leader" of the industrial alliance. At present, it is building China's electronic and chemical new material industry base

Zhao Haijun, executive vice president and chief operating officer of SMIC international integrated circuit manufacturing company, said that the demand for materials in the global semiconductor industry continued to grow. In 2014, the global semiconductor material market was US $44.75 billion, but the share of Chinese enterprises was very small. At present, among the top seven consumables of SMIC (accounting for 98% of all materials), silicon grinding fluid, photoresist, chemicals, grinding pad, gas and target materials have all begun to purchase domestic materials

according to Wu Gongyuan, chief purchasing officer of BOE technology group, electronic chemicals and specialty gases are important raw materials for the semiconductor display industry, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20% in domestic market demand. He suggested that downstream panel manufacturers open the door to provide material manufacturers with opportunities for online testing and improvement, and form a benign mechanism for cooperative development; The upstream material manufacturers work hard to provide qualified, stable and reassuring products for the downstream; The government will provide policy support to enhance the enthusiasm of upstream material enterprises, reduce the risks of downstream users, and promote the localization of (10 ± 1) mm

Xiang Chuanyi, general manager of Tianma microelectronics group, said that the electronics industry is highly competitive and hopes to import low-cost suppliers. Localization of materials is the general trend. If domestic materials and equipment are competitive, China's electronic industry can achieve overtaking in curves and form a competitive advantage in the world. Therefore, the electronic industry has the will, motivation and conditions to cooperate with the new chemical materials industry

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