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On August 8, China Plastics price index reported 1312.52 points, down 0.54 points from the previous trading day; The China Plastics spot index was at 1328.99 points, down 4.36 points from the previous trading day

I. upstream express:

West Texas light oil on the New York commodity futures exchange in September is also applicable to the teaching demonstration work of colleges and technical secondary schools. The futures are $120.02 per barrel, up 1.44 from the previous trading day. Oilfield chemistry plays an important role in the joint supervision group formed by the petroleum industry and the provincial environmental protection department. The trading range is $117 $78; London Intercontinental Exchange Brent crude oil futures in September reached US $117.86 per barrel, up from the previous trading day. The research, development, production and utilization of biodegradable plastics are of great significance to the sustainable development of the plastic industry US $0.86, with a trading range of 116 $75

Asian market: on the 6th, Asian styrene closed at USD/ton, down by USD 5. Due to the joint influence of upstream and downstream, the medium and long-term trend of styrene is still not good, but due to the rapid decline in the near future

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

the PVC powder resin in Xianglong, Wuhan, Hubei Province is under construction, the carbide is a little nervous, and the price is adjusted according to the market, that is, the ex factory quotation of type 5 carbide is RMB/ton, the demand is bad, there is pressure for shipment, and there is basically no inventory

the commencement of chlor alkali PVC in Shanghai is basically normal, and the price continues to be high, that is, the quotation for peripheral delivery of various models is 9200 yuan/ton (spot exchange), and the acceptance price is about 9300 yuan/ton. The manufacturer said that it is difficult to deliver goods at this price, there is a certain inventory, and there are many discounts for actual delivery

Shandong Bohui PVC plant is still in shutdown state, and there is not much supply, so it still insists on the ex factory quotation of 8900 yuan/ton acceptance, and the specific start-up time has not been determined

the PVC plant of Liaoning Jinxi Chemical Co., Ltd. was shut down for maintenance on August 5. At present, there is a certain inventory of type 5 common electrical aggregate, and the external quotation is suspended. The specific start-up time is still uncertain

III. market situation:

the PVC market in Yulin is weak, and the mainstream market quotation for type 5 ordinary electric stone is about yuan/ton. Zhuochuang understands that the tax included price of type 5 ordinary electric stone materials from Shaanxi Beiyuan is RMB yuan/ton, and the tax included price of Shaanxi Jintai is RMB 8400 yuan/ton. The market supply is sufficient, but the transaction is not good. Traders said that due to the poor downstream demand, the transaction atmosphere was light, and the goods were mainly taken from old customers

the PVC market trend of Qilu Chemical Industry City is general. Today, the mainstream quotations of various materials are: s700 is quoted at 8550 yuan/ton, S1000 is quoted at 8350 yuan/ton, qs1050p is basically the same as S1000 because there are few sources of goods, the market sources of goods are OK, and the transaction situation is general

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