Tuscany may day is coming. Are you ready

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The annual labor day is coming soon. In addition to the May Day holiday, Tuscany integrated wall responds to the national call and brings benefits to everyone. Friends who are preparing to decorate should act quickly

the dealers of Tuscany integrated wall began to get busy when they received the planning of the May Day event from the headquarters. The shop layout, event promotion, and follow-up with customers. The benefits of each event are exciting. Whether it is dealers or customers, Tuscany integrated wall "moves according to needs" to meet the needs of every family

Xiaobian visited the market and found that many brand integrated wall manufacturers are still like a backwater when facing such a large annual holiday, which has not caused a ripple. Xiaobian specially went to visit and communicate with a brand boss. Are there any activities to support us? We want to celebrate the holiday, The owner of a brand replied, "the manufacturer doesn't support it. Our price is already cheap, and no more concessions will make money." In this case, the owner of a brand in the store can only watch people's activities in full swing, and consumers can only see that people's activity policies are richer. Tuscany integrated wall has five large-scale activities a year. During the activities, a unique activity plan will be created for dealers. The headquarters of each activity will send the final confirmation to each dealer, and store materials will be provided to dealers

Tuscany integrated wall top corporate culture "sincere, active, love, move according to needs" serves every dealer's family. Under the trend of market development, Tuscany integrated wall is not only developing product innovation, but also sharing common prosperity and common development with dealer's family. The mission of Tuscany integrated wall top is to "return the blue sky to children and pass the earth to future generations". In such an environment, The dream of Tuscany integrated wall top supports every family to move forward together. The future development of Tuscany integrated wall top is looking forward to moving forward with you. Tuscany joining hotline: 400-600-8343 15111131935

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