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According to the "evening news", this morning, in the 509 conference room of Anshan junior middle school on Feihong Road, the reporter took out his mobile phone and scanned the electronic nameplate on the wall with wechat QR code. A "environmental quality inspection report" was immediately displayed on the mobile phone

the reporter learned that from today on, the use of two-dimensional code electronic nameplate to verify the school decoration report has been piloted in the first school. With the implementation of this mechanism in Hushang school, it is expected that the decoration results can be known by scanning the two-dimensional code of the decorated classroom wall in the future

Anshan junior high school, the first one to adopt two-dimensional code electronic nameplate, will carry out some decoration and update classroom desks and chairs this summer. In the 509 multi-function conference hall, after scanning the QR code, a report appeared on the reporter's mobile phone, which showed that the decoration was tested from August 19 to August 21 this year. The area of room 509 reached 72 square meters, including composite wood floors, wall and top coatings, desks and chairs, and the test conclusion was "qualified"

the reporter tried the wechat QR code scanning method in classroom 209, which replaced the wooden floor in the summer, and a test report of the classroom also appeared

Li Wei of Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association told reporters that every summer is a concentrated period for schools and kindergartens to carry out school building renovation and indoor decoration. There are 47 high-temperature days in summer this year, and the high-temperature environment will further promote the high volatilization of formaldehyde, making formaldehyde and other harmful pollutants left in decorative materials such as boards, floors, furniture, coatings, paints, etc. superimposed and released again. In particular, the completion date of summer school decoration is very close to the school opening day, and there is not enough vacant ventilation time, which is inevitable for parents to worry

the "China ・ good air" electronic nameplate jointly launched by Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association, Shanghai decoration club and the first batch of third-party authoritative institutions in Shanghai provides a legally effective national CMA measurement certification testing and evaluation report, and provides all clients with the same quality of inspection services that meet the requirements, which can maintain the independence and integrity of judgments and maintain the impartiality of testing conclusions. With this electronic "ID card", anyone can use the software that can scan the two-dimensional code on the mobile phone, such as "wechat scan", "I check", etc., and aim the camera scanning area scanned by the two-dimensional code software at the two-dimensional code area of the electronic nameplate to directly obtain the electronic nameplate information. Click the relevant columns of the electronic nameplate to get more detailed test reports. If you use a mobile phone that supports NFC and turn on NFC interaction, you can also display this test report immediately

Li Wei said that at present, in school construction, many do not use solid wood floors, glue and other materials used in composite floors often have volatile substances, plus materials used in desks and chairs, which often exceed the standard of formaldehyde. After the first pilot school launched this electronic nameplate inspection method, more schools will be introduced to participate in this mechanism in the future




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