Five key points of choosing range hood

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There are dozens or even hundreds of brands of range hoods alone. According to different functions and styles, they are divided into four types: Chinese range hoods, European range hoods, side suction range hoods, and multimedia intelligent machines. Therefore, it is very difficult for us to choose

generally, the lampblack machine needs to be in line with the requirements, with affordable price and good quality. In addition, we should also consider whether the lampblack machine is coordinated with the kitchen style. It is not enough just to meet these requirements. In order to facilitate the cleaning of the range hood, you can also choose the range hood with "oil net, no disassembly and cleaning". Next, the editor of Sipin electric appliance introduces the five key points of purchasing range hood:

1 The appearance color must be coordinated with the color of the kitchen. Generally speaking, the kitchen with light tone can only be equipped with a white range hood, the kitchen with dark tone is suitable with a white, gray or black gray range hood, and the range hood made of stainless steel can be both

2. The structure of the shape is also important. The deep hood type range hood should be the first because of its good smoking effect

3. Choose and buy a range hood with "oil net, no disassembly and cleaning", so once and for all, you can avoid the trouble of disassembly and cleaning every year

4. Pay attention to the selection of range hoods with one-piece seamless structure, because when there are seams in the middle frame, there will be lampblack drilling in, so it is not easy to clean and maintain the outside of the range hood

5. Pay special attention to the after-sales service of the brand when purchasing range hoods

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