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Mesa windows and doors high-quality after-sales service Chengdu Station officially launched! In order to meet the service needs of every customer, mesa doors and windows went into thousands of households to repair and clean doors and windows, and provide customers with the best after-sales service

2014 is coming to an end, and a new 2015 is waiting for us. Mesa has officially launched high-quality after-sales service, and is expected to draw a perfect end to 2014! In view of the particularity of the door and window industry, there will inevitably be some improper operations during the use of doors and windows. The staff of the after-sales team will conduct on-site commissioning, and the doors and windows will open smoothly in an instant! As the wood part of mesa's wood aluminum products is imported precious wood, it is stained during use. Spray the surface wax on a clean cloth and gently wipe it, and the stain on the wood surface disappears instantly! A simple visit is infinite respect for customers. A simple after-sales service brings the sincere attitude of mesa to do practical things. No matter where mesa goes, it shows the strength of mesa to every customer

2014.12.11, at 10 o'clock in the morning, we arrived at Ms. Lu's home in qingrongyuan, Wuhou District, Chengdu. After putting on the shoe covers, we began to provide services after talking with Ms. Lu. First, we debugged each window, then maintained the wood surfaces of doors and windows, and finally cleaned the aluminum alloy and steel mesh. Several people worked together to do the best and fastest work. Near noon, we left Ms. Lu's home, After a short rest and a simple lunch, go to the second customer, Ms. Wang, Xiyuan, information Park, Jinniu District, Chengdu. After the same conversation with the customer, start every step of work and give the best service to the customer

when the warm sunshine shines into every customer's home through the window of mesa, it is that mesa is transmitting energy to every customer. Our working attitude, our acting style, and our perseverance quality are all displayed incisively and vividly through after-sales service. Thank you for your cooperation, the enthusiasm of the after-sales team, and your support. I believe mesa will do better and better

Chengdu is the first, second and third stop of after-sales service of mesa at the end of the year We will continue. Where will we go next? Please look forward to it





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