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Duplex household elevators are also called duplex elevators. Because there are other residents on the upper and lower floors, the elevator design of this kind of household villa is quite different from that of single family villas. Therefore, we have fully considered the load-bearing of the first floor slab, the limitations of the pit and the impact of the vibration of residents on the upper and lower floors in the design. The design scheme is as follows

I. disperse the pressure of elevator and steel structure derrick on the floor

1. First, choose the installation position that is easy to disperse gravity. It is generally recommended that customers choose the location of structural beams with large bearing capacity locally, usually staircases. Generally, staircases have at least three load-bearing beams in front, left and right for bearing stairs, which is conducive to us to spread the overall pressure of the steel structure derrick to the beams and columns of the building with strong bearing capacity by laying steel beams in the pit

2. Try to implant the steel structure derrick of the elevator into the upper and lower beams by moving it back and forth or sideways

it is not difficult to see from the above figure that three columns of the overall steel structure derrick are directly bearing on the building beam, and the left rear column is also bearing on the steel beam laid between the left and right beams. The elevator is almost not lifted from the floor slab with little bearing capacity at the bottom, so the lower floor residents and property will not interfere with the installation of the elevator because they are worried that the floor slab cannot bear pressure

3. The steel structure hoistway adopts a segmented type, with a section of 1.5 meters, which is locked with screws to further ensure the safety of the steel structure frame hoistway elevator

4. The shaft ring beam is made every 1 meter to further ensure the firmness and safety of the elevator and steel structure frame

5. Each floor is connected and reinforced with steel beams and steel structure hoistway, which is more foolproof

second, do some safety protection at the bottom of the pit

solution to pit. Many small factories blindly cater to customers' needs and reduce the installation of buffers, which is irresponsible, but the virtual raised pit is too deep to get on and off the elevator. Therefore, we usually adopt the practice of smaller pit with inverted buffer, which is usually 300mm. In this way, the actual pit is only about 200mm after the floor is paved with tiles and the floor is heated, which is equivalent to a step. You can step directly into the elevator from the ground, or make a small slope to facilitate the access of wheel chairs and baby carriages

III. add counterweight safety gear and speed governor to the original configuration of household villa elevator

generally, elevators in independent villas only have car safety gear, but there is no counterweight safety gear. However, since the counterweight position of household elevators in duplex (duplex) villas is also an ordinary floor slab, we will add counterweight safety gear to ensure that the elevator car and counterweight will not hit the floor slab even if they fall with little probability

IV. upper traction machine and control cabinet

traction machine and control cabinet, these two devices are the main sound components of the elevator. Many customers mistakenly think that the sound will be very loud. In fact, even if the sound is tested in the shaft, the decibel is only about 50, which is not up to the noise standard, so the sound will be less after the shaft is closed

to sum up, as long as the customer has a certain understanding of machinery, he will understand that the duplex (duplex) household villa elevator is actually very safe, and will not produce the so-called vibration and noise, so that the customer can convince the property and upstairs and downstairs neighbors not to worry more

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