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When it comes to mix and match, people who are not familiar with it seem to just think that it's good to mix and match several different styles at will. In fact, it's not. In today's era when modern trend elements are changing with each passing day, the mix and match style is no longer limited to the original fixed mix and match, but combined with their own hobbies and habits, plus a variety of fashionable cutting-edge elements, which are integrated together, which is not abrupt, but also quite interesting. In fact, this style is completely controllable for small and large houses. Today, what Xiaobian will share is such a new Hualian Youth City 94 square meters, three rooms and two halls. Don't miss it for those who advocate individuality

[space display of the most "happy" mixed model room in Xinhualian Youth City]

living room: the space is relatively flexible, and a series of regional functional divisions make it easy and powerful. I wonder if you have noticed the wall of the living room? Anyway, Xiaobian was attracted by it at a glance, and brought it into the wall material level of clear water mold coating and two-color ceramic bricks, and the grade was instantly improved. The so-called walking in the front of fashion is like this

study: it's like an imaginary "attic" design. When you look carefully, you find that the original bookcase contains several books and photo frames on it. The decoration of solid wood tables and chairs is quiet and indifferent, but it also has some antique flavor. However, even so, there is still a sense of fashion





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