Three factors that determine the price of cabinets

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Three factors that determine the price of cabinets

>& gt;& gt; The advantages and disadvantages of Qijia cabinet countertops are in a big competition: natural stone, artificial stone, fire-resistant board, stainless steel

many people feel that the most "cloud mountain fog cover" when buying the overall kitchen cabinet is the price. They don't know how to calculate the price, and they don't know how much to buy before they lose. Here we give you some real analysis

three aspects that determine the price

what material is the most critical

according to insiders, the plate cost of the kitchen cabinet accounts for about 60% of the whole cost, and the quality of the plate is the key to the quality of the kitchen cabinet. If the bottom cabinet and hanging cabinet are about 900 to 1800 yuan per meter, the high-end one is 3000 to 4200 yuan. With the difference of veneer materials, the overall price difference can reach 30 to 40

according to a manufacturer who makes kitchen cabinets, the price of stainless steel kitchen cabinets sold on the market now is about 1500 yuan/linear meter, the price of kitchen cabinets made of fireproof board is about 2500 yuan/linear meter, and the price of kitchen cabinets made of solid wood surface materials is about 3600 yuan/linear meter. If they are made of materials other than conventional materials, the price will increase

veneer materials are also important. Most medium and high-grade kitchen cabinets use high-grade fireproof boards as veneering materials. Another common veneering material is melamine. Its appearance is not far from that of fireproof boards, but its wear resistance and dirt resistance are not as good as fireproof boards, and the price is 15% to 20% lower than fireproof boards

see the details

the imperceptible subtlety is the price. On the other hand, whether the production equipment of the kitchen cabinet factory is advanced or not reflects the cost of the product to a certain extent. Take the edge banding that best reflects the quality of kitchen cabinets as an example. If an imported automatic edge banding machine is used and a high-temperature adhesive of more than 200 degrees is used, the edge banding is very firm. However, if there is no edge banding machine and instant glue is used, and only an electric iron is used for ironing, the edge banding of the kitchen cabinet will fall off automatically after a little longer. Compared with the two, its cost and quality are self-evident

therefore, consumers should choose products with reliable quality when purchasing integral kitchen cabinets, and should not be confused by products with low price and no guarantee of quality

there is stress in the quotation sheet

careful consumers will find that different manufacturers have different charging standards for customized kitchen cabinets. In the quotation of some manufacturers, in addition to the equipment such as water basins and stoves to be equipped by consumers themselves, all other processes are also included, including the slide rails used to pull the basket, the handles of cabinet doors and hardware hinges. Some manufacturers only quote the basic price of kitchen cabinets. If you want to make another drawer or install a basin by the manufacturer, you will have to charge another fee. So you must ask about the charging standard before customization. Don't just choose based on the "surface" quotation. You must ask whether there are other charging items to avoid trouble in the future





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